Top 10 Most Dangerous Vocations

5. Fire-fighting

I truly resent even having to explain myself on this one. The clue is in the name when it comes to the ways in which the profession of ‘fire-fighting’ is dangerous, if we’re being totally fair. As fulfillers of one of the ultimate ‘macho vocations’; fire-fighters enjoy having a reputation as one of those guys with an ultimately macho vocation. In all seriousness though, these people go through some rather intense training and deserve all the credit they get. To put some kind of angle onto the dangers involved in fire-fighting, an average of 100 fire-fighters die each and every year in the US alone as a direct result of their work.


4. Logging

Another manly-man vocation which has done so well in convincing people of its masculine merit, that there are now several TV shows based around a handful of the professionals operating within. And that’s what it’s all about really, isn’t it? On a more serious, or just simply a less sarcastic note, an average of 80 loggers die every year, either at work or due to injuries implemented at work- according to recent statistics released by the US Department of Labour Statistics. The dangers which are likely to cause many of these deaths aren’t exactly unimaginable, felling huge trees that have been rooted in for centuries, and in often unpredictable environments is a pass-time bound to get you hurt sooner or later.


3. Military

One of the most ancient professions, military service has been at the heart of most communities world-wide for, well- forever. Contemporarily split into three separate areas of service, namely Army, Air Force and Navy- the military provides a worthwhile career and bucket-loads of raw opportunity to many people. On the flip-side however, it also often involves direct combat with an unfamiliar aggressor. Where I to attempt to name each and every conflict to claim the life of a serviceman/woman we’d be here forever. The main implication of serving in the military is that you may one day stare death right in the face. It is widely accepted in society, and delivers on its promise more-so during times of widespread warfare than when things are relatively quiet.


2. Law Enforcement

Whereas the military are tasked with going overseas and dealing with foreign aggressors in the defence of their homeland, those involved in Law Enforcement must take on the more monumental task of domestic threat. From the petty operations of low-level thieves, to the infiltration of well organised criminal empires, the police forces of the world are involved constantly with the apprehending, punishment and prevention of citizen law-breakers. In a world which is rapidly changing, this can hardly be described as an easy task, especially given most people’s unbalanced perception of Law Enforcement officers.


1. Commercial Fishing

A top-spotter likely to cause surprise, the vocation of commercial fishing is said to claim more lives (pound for pound) than any other profession in the world. It is said that we, as a species, know more collectively about outer space than we do about our own seas and oceans. Despite millennia after millennia of relying on the sea to provide us with so much more than fish to eat, we’re still massively oblivious to its sheer unharnessed power and force. Commercial fishing has always been a dangerous game, with our planets high seas capable of swallowing even the largest of crafts in an instant, however more and more light is being shed on the matter all the time. According to the nations Department of Labour, 50 of all the 39,000 commercial fishing workers in the United States died at work in 2008. That’s a rate of approximately 129 per 100,000 workers. Shiver me timbers, shiver me timbers indeed.

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