Top 10 most Beautiful and Colorful Fish

The mesmerizing feeling of warm sun rays leaning down into  tropical waters, and breaking back through the water’s vivid facade as it rebounds off the glistening scales of a rare fish provides an experience that stays in one’s memory for a lifetime. I thought I’d share some of the most beautiful species that I know in the waters. There are in the order i consider them the most vibrant and beautiful, since, beauty is, ofcourse, in the eye of the beholder.


1. Mandarinfish

Not to be confused with Mandarin Fish (Chinese Perch). The mandarinfish or mandarin dragonet ( Synchiropus splendidus ), is a small, brightly-colored member of the dragonet family, which is popular in the saltwater aquarium trade. A lesser-known species, these are probably the single most colorful and vibrant fish I’ve ever seen. The mandarinfish is native to the Pacific, ranging approximately from the Ryukyu Islands south to Australia. Yes! They are definitely the most colourful fish in the world.


2. Juvenile Emporer Angel Fish

Juvenile Emporer Angel Fish
This a very famous fish known to non-divers more than the divers. However most of them don’t know the different between the youngs and the adults of these kinds. Juveniles are most fascinating fish in the waters. They are dark blue with electric blue and white rings; adults have yellow and blue stripes, with black around the eyes. It takes about four years for an emperor angelfish to acquire its adult colouring. They grow to 40 cm (15.75 in) in length.


3.Lion Fish

Lion Fish
The lionfish is one of the most venomous fish on the ocean floor. Lionfish have venomous dorsal spines that are used purely for defense. When threatened, the fish often faces its attacker in an upside down posture which brings its spines to bear. However, a lionfish’s sting is usually not fatal to humans. If a human is envenomed, that person will experience extreme pain, and possibly headaches, vomiting, and breathing difficulties. However they are one of the most beautiful and colorful fish.


4. Clown Trigger Fish

Clown Trigger Fish
Triggerfishes are about 40 species of often brightly colored fishes of the family Balistidae . Often marked by lines and spots, they inhabit tropical and subtropical oceans throughout the world, with the greatest species richness in the Indo-Pacific. Most are found in relatively shallow, coastal habitats, especially at coral reefs, but a few, such as the aptly named oceanic triggerfish. One of the most beautiful of their species is the clown trigger fish, it’s designs and colours are literally breathtaking!


5. Nudibranch

A nudibranch is a member of what is now a taxonomic clade now, rather than a fish. Nudibranchs are often casually called ” sea slugs “, a non-scientific term. This has led some people to assume that every sea slug must be a nudibranch. Nudibranchs are very numerous in terms of species, and are often very attractive and noticeable. Among this group can be found the most colorful creatures on earth.


3 thoughts on “Top 10 most Beautiful and Colorful Fish

  1. Totally agree with your number one pic! Few fish can come close to the intricate patterns of the Mandarin Fish.

  2. My favorite is Clownfish. I recently purchased aquarium with few Clownfish and I really like this new addition in my apartment.

  3. I have 2 of your top 4 favorites! My silly Clown trigger, and my greedy Red Volitan Lionfish, even though I believe the 1 in your pic is a “Radiata” LionFish. I believe all lionfish species are beautiful. Also, if I didn’t have 7 Triggers and a Lionfish in my aquarium I would have definitely purchased a Green mandarin. It truly is the most beautiful fish in the ocean!..

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