Top 10 Johnny Depp Characters


10. Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

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Todd is a barber who dispatches his victims by pulling a lever while they are in his barber chair, which makes them fall backward down a revolving trapdoor into the basement of his shop, generally causing them to break their necks or skulls. Just in case they are alive, he goes to the basement and “polishes them off” (slitting their throats with his straight razor). In some adaptations, the murdering process is reversed, with Todd slitting the throats of his customers before they are dispatched into the basement via the revolving trapdoor. After Todd has robbed his dead victims of their goods, his partner in crime (in some later versions, his friend, assists him in disposing of the bodies by baking their flesh into meat pies, and selling them to the unsuspecting customers of her pie shop.


9. Raoul Duke

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

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Duke is often characterized as being somewhat of an author surrogate, a source of quotes and opinions that Thompson would not necessarily be able to get away with himself, and actions that Thompson didn’t want to admit he had committed himself. He is portrayed as a cynical, eccentric hedonist. He is in a near-perpetual state of intoxication on whatever drugs happen to be available, ranging from marijuana to amyl nitrite to adrenochrome.


8. Gilbert Grape

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

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In the small town of Endora, Iowa, where Gilbert Grape is busy caring for Arnie, his brother with a developmental disability as they wait for the many tourists’ trailers to pass through town during their “yearly ritual” of camping at a nearby recreational area. His mother, Bonnie is morbidly overweight, after years of depression following her husband’s suicide. With Bonnie unable to care for the children by herself, Gilbert has taken responsibility for repairing their old farmhouse and looking after Arnie. Gilbert’s unusual life circumstances threaten to get in the way of his budding romance. Gilbert gets hard on Arnie but his guilt is compounded by his family’s anger.


7. Ichabod Crane

Sleepy Hollow

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His belief in improved methods of justice, new investigative techniques and scientific procedures is resented by his superiors, who dispatch him north to the Hudson Valley and the small town of Sleepy Hollow.  As in the original story, his horse is named Gunpowder. Ichabod’s most notable traits in the movie include an ahead-of-his-time liking for post-mortem examinations and scientific methods, as well as his being very quirky and skittish, as well as disgusted by death and blood, despite his occupation. It is Ichabod who finally banishes the Hessian Headless Horseman to Hell and sends Lady van Tassel, the woman who has been controlling the undead rider, with him.


6. Glen Lantz

A Nightmare on Elm Street

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Glen Lantz is a student at Springwood High and the boyfriend of Nancy Thompson. He begins experiencing a series of tormenting dreams featuring a man who later turns out to be Freddy Krueger, though he refuses to admit this to his friends. Despite the death of his friends Tina and Rod, Glen does not believe that their dreams were responsible. When Nancy is preparing to confront Krueger in her dreams, she asks Glen to stay awake and wake her up at a pre-determined time to help her escape danger. Glen instead falls asleep and Nancy is unable to wake him due to interference from his father Walter, who sees her as a bad influence. Freddy pulls Glen through his bed and murders him, sending a stream of blood vertically through the bed to the ceiling of his room. Nancy later finds his headphones in Freddy’s realm. This was Johnny Depp’s first on-screen role. He did his own stunt for the bedroom death scene.


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  1. Depp must be the coolest guy ever!
    He plays weird roles and always manages to make them a success.
    Pure class 🙂

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