Top 10 Futuristic Weapons Currently in Development

Various militaries have lead much of the notable research conducted worldwide in the past century, not because they’ve had a change of heart and would prefer to save lives instead of taking them you see- but because they seem to be intent on turning as many things as they can into a weapon of some kind. Though it cannot be denied that since the advent of the atomic bomb in the 1940’s, the technology associated with weaponry has become more and more impressive- it’s the next gen we should be worried about.


10. Biodesign Synthetic Organism

A pretty bizarre project currently in development by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is the creation of Biodesign Synthetic Organisms. Having put around $6million into the project thus far, the Department of Defense seem rather intent on getting this invention tuned and ready for use sooner rather than later. In essence, these ‘organisms’ will be able to live indefinitely and contain molecules that are actually capable of resisting death itself. On the other hand however, they could also be deactivated with the switch of a button. Intended for the modification of soldiers (I presume…) there is no set debut date for this technology as of yet.



Another of DARPA’s wonderful creations currently under development, MAHEM or ‘mayhem without the Y’, is an acronym for the less catchy ‘Magneto Hydrodynamic Explosive Munition’. This weapon will possess the power to penetrate enemy armor, as in tanks and troop transporters, via the utilization of molten metal. Though it sounds like some kind of Michael Bay special effect, representatives of DARPA proclaim the eventual weapon, in its warhead format, will possess greater control and efficiency than its predecessors.


8. Free Electron Laser

Currently under development by the safe hands of the US Navy, this highly sophisticated laser system will be used to intercept attacks from any pesky missiles and rockets which may be headed towards ships with the intention of sending them to the bottom of the ocean. Doubling as a tracker/sensor/information exchanger when there are no attacks inbound, prototypes of the laser emerged last year- meaning its well on its way to becoming a fully-fledged member of the modern warships arsenal.



Another laser system, however this time under Pentagon backed production by good old DARPA in place of the Navy, the HELLADS or ‘High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System’ encompasses the concept of fitting a tiny yet unfathomably powerful laser to aircraft in order to intercept and destroy incoming enemy fire. Yadda yadda….


6. Railgun

Though no new concept, a new breed of railgun has been in development for the past decade or so. Capable of launching projectiles (presumably those of the highly destructive nature) at an astonishing rate of 2.4 kilometres PER SECOND (seven times the speed of sound), the US military say we can expect a finished version of the weapon within the next ten to fifteen years. I can hardly wait…

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  1. It should be noted that the plane mounted laser is the basis of the main conflict in val kilmer’s epic, Real Genius, the pic is from the movie as well

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