Top 10 Futuristic Concept Hotels

6. Hydropolis

The Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Resort is a planned hotel, designed by Prof. Roland Dieterle which will be the world’s first underwater luxury resort. It’s situated 66 feet below the surface of the Persian Gulf, just off Jumeira Beach in Dubai. Reinforced by concrete and steel, its Plexiglas walls and bubble-shaped dome ceilings will enable guests to see fish and other sea creatures. It is basically divided into three sections: the land station, where guests will be welcomed; the connecting tunnel, which will transport people by train to the main area of the hotel; and the 220 suites within the submarine leisure complex. It will cover an area of 260 hectares, about the size of London’s Hyde Park, and will cost an estimated £300 million.[1] It is self-acclaimed to be a 10-star hotel and will be charging circa $5,000 per room per night. The hotel was scheduled to open in late 2006; however, due to the engineering and environmental difficulties of constructing an underwater hotel, the project was delayed.

Architects working on Hydropolis have had some difficulty selecting a suitable position for the complex, as concerns have been repeatedly raised about the displacement effect of building a 260-hectare underwater structure. If their calculations are incorrect, tides and sea levels off the coast of Dubai could be severely affected, rendering vast tracts of coast uninhabitable due to chaotic tides, flooding, unpredictable wave patterns and a high possibility of whale and other sea-mammal beaching.

Disney corporation are reportedly in talks with the developers of Hydropolis to bring a fully underwater production of The Little Mermaid to the hotel’s lobby. World-standard free divers are allegedly to play the lead roles and sophisticated animatronics are to be used for background / non-speaking characters.


7. The Lunatic Hotel

Lunatic Hotel

For those of us who have always dreamt of honeymoon on the Moon, your wish might need to be bestowed on your children or perhaps your children’s children. A hotel satellite under the self-effacing name of the Lunatic Hotel will be constructed by designers Hans-Jurgen Rombaut of the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture in the Netherlands and Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo. However their tentative completion date is scheduled for 2050. The cost of launching tons of steel and water to the Moon is still a major challenge, but according to Rombaut, a good portion of the construction materials can be manufactured right on the Moon itself, using existing minerals and ores. The ’sensation engine’, as the designer calls it, will allow tourists to indulge in low-gravity games with the help of two 160-meters high slanting towers. The towers will be equipped with teardrop-shaped ‘habitation capsules’ which will serve as spaceship like suits for tourists.However, with the cost of inflation one can only imagine the kind of deep pockets one will need to check-in to Lunatic. Rombaut is anticipating that a two-week stay in his low-gravity leisure centre will probably cost as much as a mortgage on a house (in an upscale neighborhood, of course)! Orbiting in space seems more thrilling but Moon brings in a nostalgic aura.


8. The Apeiron Hotel

Apeiron Hotel

Still in its design phase, this hotel would be the second (self-awarded) 7 star hotel to be built in Dubai. The Burj Al Arab Hotels is the first self-proclaimed 7 star hotel in that location. It boasts over 350 luxury apartment suites, and its décor will be jungle-themed. The hi-tech futuristic hotel exudes extensive luxury and comfort with its own private lagoon, beaches, restaurants, cinemas, retail shopping, art gallery, spas and conference facilities. Its out of the world design is mesmeric enough to deliver a spell-bound experience for all visitors. The ‘Apeiron’ island hotel would cover a total floor area of 200,000m. It is 185-m high and boasts of over 350 luxury apartment suites. The hi-tech futuristic hotel screams of luxury and comfort with its own magnificance, enough to deliver a spell-bounded experience to visitors.


9. Aeroscraft: The flying luxury hotel of tomorrow

Aeroscraft: The flying luxury hotel of tomorrow

The Aeroscraft model ML866 is a planned 400-ton hybrid airship, to be built by the Worldwide Aeros Corporation. A scaled-down prototype was made in 2008, and a full scale passenger craft is expected in 2010. The ‘Aeroscraft’ is a gigantic 400-ton blimp designed to carry passengers in its spacious luxury cosmos onboard. The flying hotel with an area equal to two football fields hangs in air with 14 million cubic feet of helium, huge electric and hydrogen fuel cell powered propellers and six turbofan jet engines. The hotel can accommodate 250 passengers driving them at a speed of 174 miles per hour up to 6, 000 miles.

Flying 8,000 feet above in the air, the 165×244×647 feet airship will provide tourists hi-tech amenities including casino, restaurants and staterooms. Another use of an Aeroscraft could be for sightseeing and long-distance cruises—much like a cruise on a luxury ocean liner or cruise ship. This is made possible by the fact that Aeroscraft can land on any terrain (see above) and fly at low and comfortable altitudes.


10. The Inflatable Space Hotel

Inflatable Space Hotel
Inflatable Space Hotel
Inflatable habitats are pressurised modules for use in an outer space environment to support human life. They have frequently been proposed for use in space applications to provide a greater volume of living space for a given mass.  The Commercial Space Station Skywalker , designed by Bigelow Aerospace, Las Vegas is an inflatable space hotel. With a preliminary phase launched in 2007 from Russia and an anticipated completion date of 2015, the hotel will be positioned 515-kms above Earth. Not only is the hotel inflatable, so is the cost of a room. While the anticipated price tag of the project is only a paltry $500 million, the room rates are expected to run as high as $1 million per night. Business men, try to claim that cost on your next expense report! Solar cells will power the inhabitable complex made of various sections that will inflate to take their real form in space. The sections or rooms of the CSS will allow rockets to dock. In future, the modules will be used as basis for space yachts and moon cruisers.

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