Top 10 Futuristic Concept Hotels

In the fast moving world when the silhouette of life is changing dynamically,  only those will thrive who will out-power others. The designers of the hotels of tomorrow, perhaps, have kept this in mind while creating futuristic hotels to lure the global nomads. Here are 10 futuristic hi-tech hotels that will hopefully providing the luxury-est environment to their customers.


1. Death Star Lunar Hotel Complex


Why wonder if we’ll ever check into a hotel on the moon, when if Heerim Architects have their way, lunar hotels can be built right here on Earth? Ultramodern-chic will be coming to Azerbaijani capital of Baku with two “lunar inspired” projects, one of which  looks an awful lot like the Death Star from Star Wars sagas and the other, designed as its counterpoint. Facing the Caspian Sea, the buildings are named Hotel Full Moon – a disc with rounded edges and a hole in one of the top corners – and Hotel Crescent, a curving arch similar to a crescent moon – and will mark out an area appropriately named Full Moon Bay. Designed to appear drastically different from different viewing angles – from one angle Death Star and from the other Gherkin – Hotel Full Moon will be a 150 meter-high, 35 story luxury hotel with 382 large rooms.

Hotel Crescent is designed as a counterpoint to Hotel Full Moon, with its column supports being disguised by its arched façade. The two hotels will be joined by three tall residential buildings and a fourth 43 floor office building standing 203 meters tall. If Full Moon Bay can just shake off the ‘Death Star’ vibe, it’s looking to be an amazing development.


2. The Poseidon Undersea Resort

Poseidon Undersea Resort
Poseidon Undersea Resort
Poseidon Undersea Resort
Bruce Jones who has spent much of his career designing ground-breaking submarines for the rich and famous, is now redirecting his expertise to the hotel industry on a private island in Fiji. Surrounded by 5,000-acre lagoon, the hotel’s accommodations  include luxurious 550 square feet large underwater suites.  Not only this, the Poseidon Resorts website says, ‘the first 1,000 guests will have their names permanently inscribed on two monuments one on the island, and one on the floor of the lagoon.’ Now, that’s incredible!


3. Waterworld

No, not the Kevin Kostner’s 1995 movie! Sited in a dramatic lagoon-like quarry in Songjiang, China , this 400-bed resort hotel is uniquely created within the natural elements of its environs. Subterranean public areas and guest rooms add to its distinctiveness. This spectacular design by Atkin’s Architecture Group deservedly won the first prize award last year in an international design competition. Rock climbing and bungee jumping are unique sporting activities not usually associated with your standard hotel, but the resort also offers guests the standard fare including cafes, restaurants and sporting facilities. What more to say, the pictures are screaming bliss.


4. Voyager V1 or the Diamond Ring Hotel

Diamond Ring Hotel Diamond Ring Hotel
Little is known about the Voyager V1 as a hotel of the future that comes in the shape of an 185 metre ferris wheel. Advance notices lack descriptive detail, but indicate it will be located in Abu Dhabi and based on its preliminary architectural renderings, it appears that it will conceptually live up to its name!


5. Hotel Pods

Hotel Pods
When the London-based Thomson Holidays released the report “2024: A Holiday Odyssey,” the prominent UK tour operator predicted that hotels of the future will be constructed on foldable pod constructed on stilts, which could be installed anywhere in the world. The foldable and fully transportable pods are for those traveling geeks who find it hard to shun all the amenities of their luxurious life. The pods would be self-sustainable, and guests could actually design their own rooms by projecting their favorite images on the walls. If and when a specific destination was no longer desirable, due a lessening in tourist demand or in the case of terrorism, you can move the pods to exotic locations around the world, the pod could simply be packed up and moved to a new location. Sort of like folding up ones’ tent for the space age! The amazing concept abodes will come with ‘Active’ walls and floors where guests can focus images of their choice and a disposable unit to care of all waste.

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