Top 10 Fictional Geniuses

5. Victor Frankenstein from Frankenstein Novels

Frankenstein is one of the names that are known to everyone. Frankenstein was said to be a heartless / soulless creature created with the body parts of the deceased by Victor Frankenstein himself.  According to the real story which was published in 1818, the creature wasn’t cruel, dumb, horrific or anything. In fact the creature seemed to have inherited his father’s intellect, becoming a sort of civilized human. But as time moved on, people liked the idea of the creature being scary and spooky. I don’t know what kind of fetishes you guys have, but I tell you they are really nasty ones.


4. Tony Stark from Iron Man

Tony Stark is one of the most famous creation of marvel comics. He is an industrialist who inherited his father’s company, Stark industries. His story began when he was captured by enemy force; he used his intelligence by making a robotic suit of armor to escape. Over the years he upgraded his suit and made different kinds of replicas of the original ones and used them to help mankind. Stark is rich and handsome, hence scores all the hot babes, plus he is a freaking Iron Man. He is the perfect example of a person whom everyone wishes to be. Not to mention his super cool gadgets, computer lair and his machinery.


3. Doctor Emmet Brown from Back to the Future

Who doesn’t know Doc Brown? If you don’t, you really need to iron your priorities out. Doc is the mad scientist, more likely a genius who actually built a time machine to understand the world more easily. He was accompanied to his trip by his apprentice, the infamous Marty Mc Fly. The Doc is shown such genius that even when he is stuck in 1985, he was able to build a time machine from a steam engine. But seriously a mad scientist who can build a time machine from a DeLorean DMC-23 sports car is not mad but truly genius.


2. Sherlock Holmes from Stories, Novels and Movies

The name mentioned above is not unknown to probably anyone, except to those living under a rock. Holmes is a detective and a really good one as well. The literature about Holmes started in 1887, and since then many adaptions have been made for the character. Holmes was always called when the police were unable to solve a case, and being a pro he solves the case in a truly fascinating way. Sherlock’s stories are always narrated by his best friend and his partner Watson. The best portrayal of the character in my opinion was done by Robert Downey Jr. in 2009 Sherlock Holmes Movie.


1. Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother

Barney Stinson is the most awesome character ever to be created and the person who played it has pretty well nailed it. Neil Patrick Harris is Barney Stinson. He is lengend-wait for it-dary when it comes to getting the ladies laid. He has the solution for anything most probably everything. He takes care of his friends, almost always. He also happens to have an awesome job except that most of us don’t exactly know what it is. I have yet to meet someone, who could be nearly as awesome as him.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Fictional Geniuses

  1. It’s easy to get caught up in a TV series, but I see what the creator of this list means. Never really was a fan of Prison Break, so I can’t speak to that, but I’m definitely a “House” and “Sherlock Holmes” fan. I think that in those two cases, the writers will take liberties in order to make their character seem more-than-human, nevertheless, a lot of their “genius” is simply playing attention to details and following through. The # 1 fictional genius, played by Neil Patrick Harris, is one that I haven’t seen, but, it would seem to me that his genius is probably more of the “comic” variety than a “real” TV genius. Just my two cents. John V Karavitis

  2. Barney stinson is really the most awesomest character i have eve seen…and Neil pattrick harris action gave life to that one else than him can do it that best…

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