Top 10 Exercises for a Flatter Stomach



5. Cross Toe Touching

Cross toe touching is a fairly simple exercise that you can do to get a flatter. To begin, stand up straight with your legs spread apart. Now, raise your arms so that they are pointing straight out towards your sides. While keeping your stomach tight, take your left hand and touch it towards your right toe. Come back up and then switch: use your right hand to touch your left toe. This is considered one set and you should do it ten times.


4. Oblique Twist

In order to perform this exercise, you should be in a standing position while keeping your feet spread about shoulder width apart. Now, take your right knee and rotate to the right then return to your original position. Switch legs and do the same thing. The reason this exercise works is because you are keeping your abdominal muscles tight and working them out as you perform the twisting motion.


3. Scissor Kicks

Scissor kicks are one of the more popular abdominal exercises out there. It basically involves lying down on your back, placing your hands under your buttocks, and then lifting your legs off of the ground at a 45-degree angle. For this exercise, make sure that you are keeping your legs straight. And then scissor your legs up and down in an opposite motion while keep your stomach tight. For even better results, remove your hands from under your buttocks and simply place them on the floor.


2. Leg Circles

For leg circles, you’ll want to get into the same position as if you were doing scissor kicks. However, instead of scissoring your legs up and down, you’ll simply want to rotate them in a circular motion. Make sure that your circles are large and make sure that they are slow. Focusing on this will allow you to get a much better workout. Once you’re tired, drop your legs and take a break. Repeat this process five to ten times per session.


1. Side Dips

Side dips tend to focus on the sides of your stomach and will make them flatter. And the good part is that this exercise is relatively simple to perform. For this one you will need a weight, preferably a dumbbell. To start the exercise, hold the weight in your right hand and stand up straight with your feet spread apart at about shoulder’s length. While keeping your head straight and abdominal muscles tight, dip your upper body down and to the right. Come back up. That is considered one rep. You should be doing ten reps on both arms for maximum effect.

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