Top 10 Embarrassing Oscar Moments

The Academy Awards 2013 have come and gone and, as always, there were triumphant winners, bitter losers and at least one actress who may remember her win for quite the wrong reasons (more on that later). In fact, the Oscars have quite a record of awkward moments where celebrities break things, humilate themselves or just get it all wrong. Given that the ceremony is run and hosted by the elite of the entertainment industry, you’d think that putting on a trouble-free evening of entertainment would be a breeze, right?

Wrong! And our Top 10 Embarrassing Oscar Moments are here for you to relive the tears, jeers and cheers of Oscar night.


10. Tom Hanks “Outing” His Teacher (1994)

Such a sweet moment, such an awkward ending. This was one acceptance speech that changed a man’s life without him really wanting it to. As Tom Hanks accepted his Best Actor award for playing a gay lawyer in “Philadelphia”, he thanked his high school drama teacher and described him as one of “the finest gay Americans”. Unfortunately, the teacher – Rawley Farnsworth, retired – had never come out as gay, and so it was a bit of a shock to the 69-year-old’s friends and family.

The story came full circle a few years later, when it inspired the movie ” In & Out“, which was itself nominated for an Oscar (Joan Cusack, Best Supporting Actress). It featured a kiss between Kevin Kline and Tom Selleck, which was controversial at the time. What Mr Farnsworth made of the movie is unknown.


9. Gwyneth Paltrow’s Breakdown (1998)

A career full of movies, a pop star husband and a few strangely-named kids haven’t erased this moment from Gwyneth’s brain. And it’s probably what the rest of us associate with her too. Collecting the Best Actress award for “Shakespeare in Love”, Gwynnie got a little emotional and sobbed as she thanked her family and the “magnitude” of their love. She admits it haunts her still and she often mocks herself for it.

She also had a bit of a fashion faux pas in 2002, when she turned up in a sheer Alexander McQueen number, without a bra. Still, at least she laughs about it too.


8. Bjork’s Swan Dress (2001)

From one fashion mishap to another, Icelandic singer Bjork is no stranger to a wacky outfit, so she must have guessed what the reaction would be to her swan-dress-and-baggy-tights combo. It’s gone down in history as an embarrassing moment, but it was probably more embarrassing for the onlookers – Bjork herself was quite happily skipping about and leaving eggs on the red carpet. She later reused the dress for an album cover, then auctioned it off to charity. Mind you, this is someone who thinks a multi-colored clown wig is a good look!


7. Frank Capra Jumping to Conclusions (1933)

Now, this one is just cringeworthy. Sitting and waiting fror the Best Director Award , Frank Capra was quick to jump up at the words “Come and get it Frank!” and claim the going for “Lady for a Day”. But what host Will Rogers should have said was “Come and get it Frank Lloyd”, as the “Calvacade” director was the rightful winner. Luckily, Capra realised before he got to the stage, but he described the jeer-filled walk back to his seat as “the longest, saddest, most shattering walk in my life”.


6. Cher’s Sheer Look (1988)

Well, when it comes to interesting Oscar looks this one is a classic….There are almost no words to describe it, but I’ll try a few of the politer ones- “daring”, “sheer”, “edgy”, “different”….and that’s about as positive as I can be about this train-wreck. She may have walked away with Best Actress for “Moonstruck”, but she also earned herself a permanent place in the Oscars’ Fashion Hall of Shame.

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