Top 10 Debut Albums

Musicians only get to make one first album, a collection of songs which epitomise their formative years- and that they in turn have the entirety of those formative years to write. The reason it is so common to hear people refer to an artist’s first full-length as their best to date, is that it usually is.


10. The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses (1989)

Considered to be the centric LP of the whole ‘Madchester’ movement that pretty much resurrected British guitar music in the 1980’s after it suffered at the hands of commercial pop and disco for the majority of the decade- Manchester’s The Stone Roses self-titled debut not only secured the bands place in music history but inspired the 1990’s ‘Britpop’ movement which spawned the likes of Oasis and Blur. Despite forming 6 years earlier, the band did not achieve much commercial success until the release of this album, which to me would signify those were six years well spent


9. The Who – My Generation (1965)

In an era dominated by smartly attired song-smiths performing their jangly love odes in London clubs, The Who smashed their way onto the scene with a fresh brand of overdriven sonic rock assault. Despite going on to historically great things over the next few decades, the band’s debut captured every one of their early essences- essentially creating a new way of doing things. Featuring the rock and roll milestone that lends its name to the entire album as well as the likes of ‘The Kids Are Alright’ and ‘I’m A Man’, the LP established the band as a serious fixture within the ever expanding 1960’s British rock movement.


8. The Beatles – Please Please Me (1963)

Announcing to the world a group of young men who went on to change the face of popular music forever, Please Please Me is an extremely solid debut. Crafting the songs featured during their early years in the famous Cavern Club as well as during their time as a resident band in Hamburg, Germany- the fab four’s first release was a testament to the hard labour they had put in whilst a bunch of unknowns. Little did they know that was all about to change however, with the album going on to establish The Beatles as a worldwide phenomenon. Standout tracks include ‘I Saw Her Standing There’, ‘Love Me Do’ and ‘Twist and Shout’- all of which are still very, very celebrated pieces of music.


7. The White Stripes – The White Stripes (1999)

I know they have now ceased to exist and that Jack White has currently got his musical fingers in all kinds of (overindulgent?) pies, however does anyone remember how monumentally HUGE this band were 10 or so years ago? Well, it all started with this- their self-titled debut. Despite having to churn out another few albums before reaching aforementioned popularity level- the duos first effort is full of signs that they were headed in the right direction. Showcasing their solid neo-blues crossovers in the form of such romps as ‘The Big Three Killed My Baby’ and ‘St. James Infirmary Blues’, the album was the, then couples, first step on a glorious rise to rock superstardom.


6. Eminem – The Slim Shady EP (1997)

Eminem’s debut, named in homage to his lyrical alter-ego, is a fascinating affair. Documenting the rappers formative years- more specifically the struggles he endured before his eventual success in the late 1990’s, the 10 track release was originally available in cassette, vinyl and CD formats. This is Eminem before his famed professional relationship with mentor Dr Dre, if you’re like me and are drawn to him for his rawness and brutality- then you should probably know that this is as raw as it gets.

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