Top 10 Dating Sites



5. Matchmaker


Matchmaker is best described as the prototype that all other dating sites want to follow. One of the first big time dating sties on the net Matchmaker has gotten some things right since the beginning. The main advantage that Matchmaker has for those looking for other singles online is its chat functionality. Matchmaker has one of the easiest to use chat programs out there and with a few clicks you can chat with anyone who catches your eye. The drawback to this functionality is of course if you can easily chat with a person that means they can easily chat with you as well. If for some reason your profile piques a lot of interest you can find yourself quickly overwhelmed by chats.


4. EHarmony


EHarmony is all about using science to help people find love. If you are looking to meet people based on your personality profile then EHarmony is actually really good for this. It does put a lot of work into making sure it has an accurate picture of your personality then finds others who it believes will match well with you. The one serious problem with how EHarmony goes about matching people is that if someone isn’t honest with themselves or is willing to manipulate the test a bit, it can match you with someone who is exactly the opposite of what you are looking for.


3. Zoosk


The best way to describe Zoosk is as Facebook focused on dating. Zoosk is a fun and easy to use website that can help almost anyone find a partner for not only romance but for hanging out, special activities and more. Zoosk has a very active and fun culture and is a great place for younger people. The downfall of Zoosk is that it is populated heavily by young people and so can be a bit fast moving for those who want a more calm experience.


2. boasts that it has the largest database on the internet and this claim is probably true. Along with Matchmaker, is one of the oldest and most active dating sites on the internet and is easy to use. If you are looking for a solid online dating experience without annoying ads where there are real people hoping to find other real people, is a great place to go. If there is one problem with using, it’s the fact that there are so many people on it that it can be a bit daunting to search through all the profiles you can find. Here’s a tip – refine your search as much as possible at first then widen it as you get used to the system.


1. Outside your house

While there is no doubt that internet dating sites are a great place to meet people, it seems that a lot of us forget that the best place to find other people is outside of our house. There are always activities you can find that will get you introduced to potential dating partners as well as the old stand by bars and clubs. While using an online dating service is convienent in one way, it can take out a bit of the thrill of the “chase”. This is not in any way to say that people are wrong for using dating sites because these places do offer a lot of advantages. What suggesting going outside your house is really about is just remembering to not limit yourself in the search for love and companionship. You never really know where you will find someone.

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