Top 10 Conspiracy Theories



5. Roswell

On July 8th 1947, amid a growing amount of supposed UFO sightings across the North American continent, debris from an unidentified airborne craft was recovered by the military from a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. Though the first statements issued upon the discovery of the crash site included much implication that what had been recovered was unaccounted for and potentially a UFO of some kind, the military later countered these statements, claiming that the wreckage turned out to be a weather balloon. Despite this, several witnesses present on the Roswell Army Airfield at the time have come forward since claiming what they saw was most definitely out of this world and also that autopsies had been performed on the ‘alien’ bodies recovered that night.


4. JFK

President John F Kennedy was assassinated on the 22nd of November 1963, struck by two bullets whilst travelling in an open topped car through Dallas, Texas. Though the incident was quickly concluded at the time by the arrest and prosecution of Lee Harvey Oswald, many people believe the death of JFK to be part of something much bigger. What most throws theorists on this one, is the trajectory of the fatal bullets in accordance with Oswald’s supposed position at the time he fired upon the President. The USA in the 1960’s was a very agitated place; as a result there are piles of theories as to who would kill JFK and why.


3. 9/11

One of the most recent thus widely unsettling conspiracy theories still in rabid circulation today, is the proposed government orchestration of the chaos which occurred on September 11th, 2001. Theorists claim that the attacks both on the World Trade Center in NYC and on the Pentagon were planned by the US government in order to provide an excuse for the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Evidence to back this theory is plentiful, making it all the more terrifying.


2. Pearl Harbor

Similar to 9/11, theories surrounding the Japanese attack that occurred at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7th 1941- claim that the Japanese Empire was provoked into their attack in order to provide the US with a valid excuse to enter the Second World War. In the 2 years between the UK’s declaration of war on Nazi Germany in 1939, the American public was uninterested in getting involved- until evidence of a closer threat emerged of course. Aside from this theory, there has also been claims that US officials had been warned of an imminent attack yet done nothing to prepare the base for it, allowing as much death and destruction as possible.


1. Illuminati

This term refers to the supposed network of secret societies which some claim control the world from their inherent positions of social power. Most likely to do with background and bloodline, these societies are said to groom members from birth to adhere to the ‘satanic’ idea of a New World Order, or in other words- a one world Government consisted completely of their kind. Though there has been proof that certain prominent political and social figures have emerged from the same University Fraternity’s and the like, whether or not there is a huge underground plot to scare the world’s population into voluntary slavery at the whim of these already rich people remains to be seen.


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