Top 10 Conspiracy Theories

The conspiracy theory is in no way a recent phenomenon, with accounts of proposed cover-ups in both the social and political spheres dating back centuries. You know that movie that came out like a year ago about Shakespeare being a fraud? That was based on a common rumor of the time. Of course, the internet has revolutionized the way we are able to communicate with one another, especially, in this instance anyway, with like-minded people- leading to the emergence of all kinds of theories.


10. Paul McCartney Died in 1966

Formed from a rumor which began circulation amongst New York’s music fans/radio stations in 1969, the idea that Paul McCartney was killed in an automobile accident amid The Beatles height of fame and slyly replaced by a body double whom the band already had on the payroll, has died out in recent years- what with the Knighthood in 1997 and all, however it is maintained furiously by some to this day. It makes sense from a business perspective why there would be a frantic cover up were one of them to die at this time; however is it plausible that the rest of the group would agree to it? As for the supposed ‘clues’ left at several points on album covers etc. I highly doubt that they’d be allowed to leave clues of such poise and backhandedness were it in anyway true- nah, I think they were messing with us.


9. Princess Dianna’s Death

There are several theories surrounding the death of the Princess, as there usually are when it comes to the death of royalty- even in this day and age. Ranging from the idea that Dianna, fed up with the constant media scrutiny which surrounded her turbulent life (break-up with Prince Charles, relationship with the other royals, public favor over the other royals, charity work, motherhood) decided to fake her own death in a, it would appear, successful bid to escape it all, to the suggestion that M16 plotted the fatal car crash on the orders of the Monarchy who viewed the Princess as a threat- there are many interesting theories to be looked into with this one.


8. Reptilian Elite

Those two words when written in sequence do most definitely sound like a truly awful B-Movie, however this theory happens to be one of the most popular around these days. The notion that all of our society’s high-riders are in fact extra-terrestrial reptilians taking on our form to infiltrate our population with the sole intention of ruling absolutely everything of ours, was popularized (if that’s the appropriate word?) by ex-BBC sports reporter David Icke in the late 1990’s. Big news at the time, the Englishmen revoked his prosperous career in journalism to instead lecture his supposed enlightenment around the globe- something he still does to this day, to ever growing audiences may I add.


7. Chemtrails

You know those huuuuuge lines of vapor you sometimes see in the sky that have been left behind by an aircraft which has long since left your view? Whilst many of you, as I do, would attribute such a phenomenon to be something to do with the workings of an aircraft, and if you were pushed to be more specific- maybe the engine and the way it burns fuel- there is a popular theory that this vapor is in fact a form of atmospheric chemical deposit designed to infect the air that you and I enjoy breathing on a day to day basis. Whether it be some kind of neutralizer to deter anger, dismay and eventual revolution or a sterilizer to combat overpopulation- it’s a pretty messed up theory, extremely interesting nonetheless.


6. Faked Moon Landings

What we must remember about this theory and the moon landings in general, is that in the time of their occurrence the West was locked in an embittered ‘Cold War’ with the USSR. So whilst quizzing yourself on the point of such a meaningless lie, remember how these wonderful politicians of ours love their diplomatic posturing and stone throwing. The theory entails the belief that the moon landings were faked in a Hollywood studio in order to put an end to the international race and generally just to get one over on the Soviets in a time of great political frustration and intensity. There are several compelling arguments in favor of the theory- however my word count is already looking dangerously high.


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