Top 10 Celebrity Offspring Who are Famous in their Own Right

There are many ways of becoming famous, but undoubtedly being born into fame is one of the easier options. When you have a celebrity parent, your entire life is chronicled from birth to first check-in at rehab. Naturally, some of these celebrity offspring decide to have their own celebrity careers and some fail miserably, due to complete lack of talent (sadly, it’s not always genetic). Then there are others, who not only succeed but manage to make such a name for themselves that you can forget that they started life as just the child of someone else. The ones who make it are talented, even if their talent is in self-promotion, and we celebrate them here in our Top 10 Celebrity Offspring Who are Famous in their Own Right.


10. Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer is a prime example of someone who has managed to break out of his father’s shadow and succeed on his own. Best known as Jack Bauer from the long-running TV series “24” Kiefer’s career has stretched over 25 years, with his first big role coming in “The Lost Boys” in 1987. But 25 years is nothing compared to the career of his father, the great Donald Sutherland. He started acting in the early 1960s and is still going today, taking on roles such as President Snow in “The Hunger Games”. When you see them together, there is some resemblance, and obviously Kiefer inherited his father’s acting talent too. But don’t dismiss his mother, Shirley Douglas – she has also had an extensive film career, covering everything from “Lolita” to “Barney”. A talented family!


9. Sofia Coppola

Another family who are heavily involved in the movie industry are the Coppolas. But while Francis Ford Coppola directed heavy-going Vietnam films (“Apocalypse Now”) and meaty Mafia trilogies (“The Godfather”), Sofia’s tastes are a little more wistful. Her debut film as Director was “The Virgin Suicides” – a pastel-toned, nostalgic look at the short lives of five sisters in the 70s. Then she captured the neon craziness of Tokyo in “Lost in Translation“, which essentially was about Bill Murray sitting in a hotel room. She has her own distinctive style of directing, and mixed amounts of success, but her father’s hand is never far from her films. At least three of them bear the name “Francis Ford Coppola” in the Executive Producer spot. She’s not quite broken free of her father yet….!


8. Sophie Dahl

Of course, it’s not Sophie’s parents that are the very famous ones (although, as an actor and author respectively, they’re not exactly obscure) but as she was the inspiration for this list I couldn’t leave her out! It was an overheard description of children’s author Roald Dahl as “Sophie’s grandad” that made me think she might have achieved fame of her own, even with that famous surname. For those who don’t know, Sophie Dahl is a model, who first shot to fame because, as a size 16, she was considered plus-size. As such, she was the first “plus-size” model to gain global recognition. Meanwhile, her grandfather wrote some of the most memorable books in the history of children’s literature but apparently no-one remembers that!


7. Anjelica Huston

Like Sofia Coppola, Anjelica Huston comes from an acting dynasty. When she won her Oscar in 1985, she became the third in her family, following both her grandfather Walter Huston and her father John Huston. John Huston was an an actor and director, directing such classics as “The Maltese Falcon”. Although he married five times, he only had children with one of his wives (and a couple of mistresses) and Anjelica was the product of that marriage. They seemed to have had a close relationship, and John directed Anjelica in the film that won her a Best Supporting Actress Oscar (“Prizzi’s Honor”). He also directed his father Walter in “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre”, which won Oscars for both of them – the first time a father-son combination has won. Anjelica, meanwhile, has had a strong and credible career of her own and is a favourite of quirky director Wes Anderson. A remarkable family indeed!


6. Kate Hudson

Another celebrity child that bears a startling resemblance to their parent, Kate Hudson is an actress that has equalled the success of her mother Goldie Hawn. Breaking through in the 2000 film “Almost Famous”, she has gone on to star in comedies like “Bride Wars” and “You, Me and Dupree”. Goldie Hawn, meanwhile, won an Oscar with “Cactus Flower”  in 1969 and made films throughout the 70s and 80s, although her career slowed down in the 90s and her last film was 2002. Kate’s father was also an actor and musician – Bill Hudson – but she was raised by Goldie’s partner Kurt Russell, and she has said that she considers Russell to be her father.

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