Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Had Close Encounters With Aliens

5. Olivia Newton-John

The Grease star is another believer in life on other planets. She told British newspaper The Sun that she’d seen a UFO as a teenager. It was silver and flew across the sky at “amazing speeds”. She also thinks that most British people share her belief in UFOs and that attitudes have shifted from cynicism, to a sense that it might just be true.

Her husband John Easterley owns a natural remedy company, called the “Amazon Herb Company”. I’m not saying that there’s any link between Amazon herbs and seeing aliens but it’s not impossible. Of course, it’s also not impossible that she genuinely did see something.


4. John Travolta

If anyone was going to believe Olivia, it would be her former co-star John Travolta. As a scientologist, belief in aliens is an integral part of his religion. Scientologists believe that beings called thetans created the universe and are re-incarnated all the time into new bodies, which have no memory of their “true selves”. Scientology aims – through its self-help materials – to rediscover these inner beings.

John Travolta has been involved with the church of Scientology since 1975 and one of its most prominent members. In 2000, he made a film  based on a novel by the church’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard. The result was Battlefield Earth, a financial and critical disaster, which is widely regarded as one of the worst films ever made, scoring just 2.4/10 on His passion for thetans means that he would believe Olivia’s story, even if no-one else did.


3. Robbie Williams

British pop star Robbie Williams is another UFO enthusiast. After an intense year playing stadiums in 2006, he took a break and went into hiding, before contacting a journalist and asking him to go to a UFO conference in Arizona. The journalist feared for Robbie’s mental health at the time, as he’d cut himself off from the outside world and was obsessing about aliens. He even claimed to have seen an alien in his recording studio, shortly after recording a track called “Arizona”, about visitations. Every time he played the track, the ball appeared and disappeared every time the track finished. This was the inspiration he needed to become a full-time UFO hunter.

Luckily for middle-aged pop fans everywhere, that didn’t happen. After a while, he saw sense and decided to stop following aliens and start trying to win his fans back. He admitted that he was “weird and fat” during his UFO period and it wasn’t good for his career. I imagine it wasn’t good for his bank balance either. so no wonder he gave it up!


2. Elvis Presley

Robbie’s in good company when it comes to UFO-obsessed pop stars. The King of Pop himself had a lifelong alien obsession, following a strange sign in the sky the day he was born. His father Vernon had stepped out for a cigarette when he spotted a strange blue light in the sky. He took that as a sign that “something special was happening”.

Michael C.Luckman – who wrote about Mick Jagger – emerges again here, with his claim that aliens visited a young Elvis and showed him glimpses of his glamorous future. Elvis went on to have several UFO sightings, including strange lights moving in a field near Gracelands and more lights in the desert. Rumors persist that the King never really died, so perhaps the aliens came to collect him as well as John Lennon. They must have a great band going up there! Shame they left Robbie behind…


1. Sammy Hagar

All of our celebrities believe that they have sighted aliens, but only one claims to be controlled by them Sammy Hagar, of Van Halen, says he had a dream where aliens took him aboard their ship and downloaded information into his brain. Only it wasn’t a dream, it really happened. They took knowledge from him and left their own knowledge there in return. That follows an encounter at the age of 4 where he threw rocks at what he thought was a floating car but turned out to be a UFO. So, at least he had a bit of warning that the aliens were interested in him. And according to him, they’ll be back someday soon.

Make sure you’re ready!

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