Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Had Close Encounters With Aliens

Do you believe in life on other planets? If you do , you’re far from alone – a survey last year revealed that 36% of Americans believed in aliens. That’s 80 million people! 10% of respondents even think they have seen a UFO themselves. Whether that’s the influence of realistic-looking sci-fi films is debatable, but 55% of respondents would be afraid to report a UFO sighting because they believe Men-in-Black style agents threaten those who do.

So, it’s lucky we have celebrities who are brave enough to speak out about their alien encounters. Celebrities seem to be more prone to spotting UFOs and being abducted by aliens than us normal folk, but maybe that’s because aliens identify them as the leaders of the race. Or maybe it’s because they take more drugs than other people. Who knows? But lets take a look at the Top 10 celebrities who have had Close Encounters of the Alien Kind.


10. William Shatner

Now, here’s a man who believes his own publicity. Having convinced a generation of TV lovers that the future would look like the 60s but in space, Shatner found himself having his very own alien encounter. Following a bike crash in the Mojave Desert, he saw a shadowy figure beckoning to him and it led him to what looked like a silver disc hanging in the sky. He later denied that the incident ever happened, but the wording of his denial was so confusing that no-one knows for certain what he was even trying to say.

However, he is insistent that aliens do exist, saying “In my mind, there is no doubt that the universe teems – teems! – with life in all its forms.” He might have just spent too much time on the Star Trek set, but this is a man who’s sure that there is something Out There.


9. Mick Jagger

Now, I may have mentioned the possibility that some of these celebrities overindulged in drugs at some point in their career. The Rolling Stones frontman would be a prime example of that – at the height of their fame in the 60s, the Rolling Stones partied harder than anyone else. While camping at Glastonbury with Marianne Faithfull, he saw a “rare, luminous cigar-shaped mothership.” (according to Michael C.Luckma). Jagger subsequently installed a UFO detector on his estate, and it went off every time he left home, leading him to conclude that the surrounding area was full of electromagnetic energy.

Clearly, the aliens were as interested in Mick as he was in them. The year after Glastonbury, they visited him again, hovering over the ill-fated Altamont concert. Any correlation with the amount of Class-A substances in his system was purely coincidental.


8. John Lennon

Another musician who may have experienced drug-fuelled hallucinations is the Beatle John Lennon. In 1974, he was in New York with his companion May Pang, when they both saw a blimp-sized object, topped with a red light, moving down the East River. Apparently, they both knew it was a UFO.

That wasn’t John’s only encounter with extra-terrestrials. According to the British magician Uri Geller, John encountered some aliens in his New York apartment, who showed him his entire life in movie-form and gave him an object to remember them by. May Pang also says that John thought he’d been abducted by aliens as a child in Liverpool, and that’s what made him different to other people. So did he die in December 1980 or was it also a cover-up so that the aliens could come back and get him? Who knows?


7. Fran Drescher

Of course, it isn’t just celebrities from the 60s that have seen aliens. Actress Fran Drescher, of “Happily Divorced” fame, reckons that she saw an alien while driving down a road with her Dad in Junior High. The encounter left her with a small scar on her hand. But, this is the spooky part – her ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson has the exact small scar, in the exact same place. Co-incidence? Fran thinks not. In fact, she sees it as proof that they were destined to meet – they had both had the same alien experience at the same time, before they knew each other.

Peter Marc Jacobson isn’t so convinced on the alien claims, and has claimed that Drescher scarred herself with a drillbit. But maybe he’s just covering up the aliens’ existence….his ex-wife certainly thinks so!


6. Muhammad Ali

Another acquaintance of John Lennon’s who claimed to have had paranormal encounters. The boxing legend saw several UFOs, but the most famous example is the one he saw while jogging in Central Park with his manager. He saw a glowing, bright light which he was convinced was a UFO. His manager claims not to have seen it, but still believes that UFOs exist, saying; “If you look into the sky in the early morning you see them playing tag between the stars.”

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