Top 10 Bermuda Triangle Theories

5. Atlantis

The belief that the ancient mythical island of Atlantis was located where the triangle sits today is one more common than you may expect. The people of Atlantis are said to have mastered many futuristic technologies the likes of which we’d find hard to comprehend even today. It is upon this belief that this theory rests, claiming that the remains of such technologies hidden beneath the ocean’s surface interfere with our navigational systems etc.


4. UFO’s

The aliens get blamed for just about everything unexplainable these days, the mysterious happenings in the Bermuda Triangle being no exception. Supporters of this theory maintain that the area is frequented by extra-terrestrials seeking to abduct/do their usual kind of stuff in a place likely to spawn much attention. Supernatural explanations remain some of the most pushed forward and popular around, with many works of literature and film adopting this theory in relation to the Triangles mysterious ways.


3. Electronic Fog

A theory with the rare blessing of having actually been witnessed by a survivor of the Triangles mysterious ways, this explanation was first brought about by Bruce Gernon following a flight he made with his father over the triangle in 1970. The pilot claims to have passed through a deep vortex of fog which sent every navigational device on-board haywire; though headed towards Bimini they emerged from the tunnel closer to Miami- a feat apparently impossible given the timescale involved. From this, further ideas have been devised which claim the triangle may possess some kind of links with time-travel, warps etc. – interesting stuff.


2. Space-Time Warp

Leading on from my last few sentences, the Space Time Warp theory involves the idea that the Bermuda Triangle is the location of an infrequent rift in space-time and subsequently possesses the power to transport helpless aircraft/vessels to, well that’s the thing, no one quite knows where. It could be a matter of time travel or of location, maybe even dimension. Although it does seem farfetched I feel it to be entirely plausible, there are many things left to be discovered on, in and around our planet.


1. Magnetic Vortices

Originally proposed by researcher Ivan Sanderson, this theory claims the phenomena to be down to the “tremendous hot and cold currents crossing the most active zones creating the electromagnetic gymnastics affecting instruments and vehicles.” To put it simply, Sanderson is suggesting that the extremely different weather systems which all rendezvous in the Bermuda Triangle are likely to cause atmospheric consequences so great that they affect the operation, effectiveness and overall use of navigational tools used by the crews of ships and aircraft alike.

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