Top 10 Bands That Should Have Been Bigger

The music industry is often a cruel and mysterious mistress, luring budding potential into its sweet embrace before spitting them out without fully digesting them. Weird analogy I know but it’s been quite a weird day. Here’s 10 bands I think should be (or should have been) more appreciated by the industry they pursued careers in.


10. Prefab Sprout

Hailing from County Durham in Northern England, Prefab Sprout rose to prominence in the 1980’s with their groovy brand of new wave. Formed in 1978, the band built up a solid and committed fan-base in their native country- even enjoying some exposure stateside with their 1985 sophomore release ‘Steve McQueen’, which breached the Billboard 200 upon its release. Although still active, little has come of the huge potential the band possessed in their heyday, maybe it’s the name?


9. Hanoi Rocks

Encapsulating the playful raucousness which became famous amongst hard rock bands in the 1980’s, Hanoi Rocks established themselves as one of the early pioneers. Coming together in Helsinki, Finland- in 1979- the band soon set about constructing their unmistakable sound. Fusing the gimmicky nature of Slade with the solid backbeat principles of T-Rex and Bowie- it looked as though Hanoi Rocks could potentially become something huge upon the commercial interest they garnered in the UK, US and Japan. Evidently it wasn’t to be, they still make a living however.


8. Afghan Whigs

Mostly overlooked as a mere footnote upon the extensive American alternative rock scene of the 1990’s, Afghan Whigs failed to rise to the dizzy heights of peers such as one time Sub Pop label mates Nirvana. Enjoying a committed and steady fan base during these early years however, the band carried on undeterred- creating some of the most influential and progressive music of the era. Despite having a few breaks along the way, they’re still toiling it out- having now safely reached cult status.


7. Annihilator

Canadian thrash metal merchants Annihilator arose as part of the unmistakable first wave of North American thrash bands- alongside the likes of Exodus, Slayer and Metallica. Back then in the 80’s it looked as though the Ontarians would go on to a similar level of success as aforementioned stage sharers. Whether or not they did however is debateable- despite still enjoying the representation of a major record label- the bands notoriety amongst new metal fans is a longshot from the likes of Metallica. Unjust?


6. Super Furry Animals

Welsh songsmiths Super Furry Animals were formed in 1993 and have stayed at the same relative about-to-break level pretty much ever since. Despite possessing a fan base not only committed and loyal but spread all over the globe- SFA’s have not yet given the mainstream a run for its money. The music that they create is certainly capable of doing so in my opinion, fusing beautifully elements of rock and roll swagger with delicate electronic hooks and melodies. The band has released an incredible 9 albums in their time together, which makes this lack of praise all the more surprising.

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  1. Spot on with this list.. Especially the Number one. Jeff Mangum’s talent far exceeds that of any current, working artist.

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