Ten Ways To Show Someone You Love Them

Love is something we all need. Sure, there are those out there that will claim that love is simply a series of hormonal and chemical reactions in the body, but most of us know it’s more than that. Love is the reason behind some of the greatest accomplishments in human history. Love is a very real thing and all of us need it. The question isn’t about whether love exists, the question is about how you show someone you love them. While saying I love you is good, showing someone you love them is even better. This list is far from exhaustive but they all have one key element, they are ways to show someone how much you appreciate them.


10. Clean the House

Whether you live with someone or live on your own cleaning up for someone is always appreciated and is an excellent way to say I love you. Most of us have very busy lives and sometimes adding cleaning to the list of things we have to do is a bit overwhelming. It doesn’t matter if you are cleaning your significant others apartment or are doing it for your mother, cleaning a house shows that you care enough about a person that you are willing to sacrifice your own time to do something nice for them.


9. Random Messages

All of us like knowing someone is thinking about us. When you take the time to send someone an unexpected text message, a random email, or even a greeting card for no real reason, you are telling them that you think about them. It doesn’t have to be poetic or fancy and doesn’t have to cost any money. Random messages are simply about letting someone know you care enough to tell them about it.


8. Cook them a Favorite Meal

It is said that food is the fastest way to a man’s heart, but in reality it’s the fastest way to almost anyone’s heart. Cooking a favorite meal doesn’t mean taking them to a favorite place to eat, it means taking the time to go shopping for the ingredients and taking the time to actually prepare the meal itself. A lot of people don’t ever do this because they are afraid they will mess it up, but the truth is it doesn’t matter if you do or don’t. While you want the person to enjoy their meal, cooking for them is showing them that you think enough of them to learn what they like and to try and give it to them. Also, if you totally fail in the cooking effort it makes a great reason to treat them to a dinner out.


7. Give them a do Nothing Day

Everyone feels like they don’t have enough time in the day to do all the things they have to do and still get to do the things they want. A great way to show someone you love them is to give them a day where they don’t have to do anything they don’t want to do. This can be giving them a gift certificate to a spa while you take care of the house, or it can be as simple as letting them sleep in as long as they like. Everyone appreciates a bit of a lazy day and when someone we love gives us one it is even better.


6. Arrange Time with their Family

Most of us love the members of our family even if they drive us crazy. A great way to show someone you love them is to arrange a visit with their family without their being any particular occasion. Simply by taking time to plan out a trip and go see their family, or to have their family come visit you, you will make the loved one in your life happy.


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