Ten Most Expensive Countries

Earlier we discussed ten of the  most expensive cities to live in and this time around we are bringing you a similar list only instead of cities we are discussing countries. If you belong to one of these countries, I am sure you will agree exactly how much you have to spend to ensure a comfortable living. The entire country might not be that expensive to live in, but let’s just put it this way; if you are living in the cheapest city in one of the following country, it will still be more expensive than the cheapest place in another country. Your opinions are always welcome. Please enjoy the list.



Italy - Ten Most Expensive Countries
I personally did not consider Italy to be as expensive as to be considered in this list but it still managed to take the tenth spot. Italy borders with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. It takes the fifth spot when it comes to the most populous countries all of Europe with around 60,813,326 inhabitants. The currency in Italy is obviously Euro. The country is a Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic with Giorgio Napolitano as the President and Mario Monti as the Prime Minister. Italy is a member of the G8, G20 and also NATO and has the third largest gold reserves in the world.



Belgium - Ten Most Expensive Countries
When I think of Belgium, the first thing that comes to my mind are chocolates. It is officially known as the Kingdom of Belgium and it is a federal state in Europe. Also, Belgium is one of the founding members of European Union and is house to the EU headquarters. Belgium is house to around 11 million people with Dutch, French and German as the official languages. It is a Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy with Albert II as the King and Elio Di Rupo as the Prime Minister. Belgium declared independence from Netherlands on the 21st July of the year 1831.



France - Ten Most Expensive Countries
France had to be included in this list obviously. The capital of the country has been on the first spot when it comes to the most expensive cities in the world; that however is not the case now. For more update information you can check out the list on the most expensive cities. Officially known as the French Republic, it is a Unitary Semi-Presidential republic in the western part of Europe with Paris as the capital, Francois Hollande as the President and Jean-Marc Ayrault as the Prime Minister. It is home to around 65,350,000 people and a member of G8, G20 and NATO.



Luxembourg - Ten Most Expensive Countries
Not that it’s important, but Luxembourg is my favorite name when it comes to the names of all the countries in the world. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is located in Western Europe with Belgium, France and Germany sharing the border. It is a member of the EU, NATO, United Nations and Benelux. As of February last year, the population was estimated to be around 512,353 which is not much compared to the countries in Europe. Luxembourg is a Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy with Henri as the Grand Duke and Jean-Claude Juncker as the Prime Minister. They declared independence from French Empire on the 9th June of 1815.



Japan - Ten Most Expensive Countries
Tokyo comes to mind when I think of Japan because it is actually quite an expensive city to live in. Also, since I am a huge fan of anime, you mention Japan and that’s the first thing I will think of. Japan is basically an island nation in East Asia in the Pacific Ocean. Japan is not that big of country, but they stand at number ten when it comes to the global population ranking with over 127 million people residing on an archipelago of 6,852 islands. Japan is a Unitary Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy with Akihito as the Emperor and Yoshihiko Noda as the Prime Minister. Their currency is Yen.

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  1. I dont think That Denmark is a expensive country in the world .I lived there and you know what..I can buy a bottle of beer in Denmark for only 10 danish kroner its around 1.2 euro compare when I bought in Norway same bottle of beer for 100 kroner..yes its true…I ate in Oslo for a medium size of a pizza and a two small pint of beer and Its cost me 350 norwegian kroner..its a 50 euro….Compare when Im eating in Copenhagen 30 kroner of a large pizza plus two beers and i paid only 50 kroners its around 8 euro only…And so on Even the prices there are sky rocketing………:) compare in Denmark..its cheap especially ready to wear garments…You can have a H&M shirts for only 5 euro compare in italy worth 20 euros…Minimum salary here in Denmark is 2,500 euro after taxes..yes after taxes of minimum of 38 percent….

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