Ten Most Anticipated Movies of 2013




How to Train Your Dragon 2 - Ten Most Anticipated Moives of 2013
Now we are not entirely sure if the movie will actually be called that but let’s just assume it is the name. At least we are certain that there will be second part of the movie. You should know that 2013 will be the absolute first time that PIXAR will come up with two animated movies in the same year. It has never happened before. I am sure you must have seen the first movie so there is absolutely no need to recall that what you should know is that according to most people, it was the best animated feature of 2010, so I have high hopes for this one.



Oz - Ten Most Anticipated Moives of 2013
There really hasn’t been a proper Wizard of Oz movie now has their? Hollywood however, have always wanted to make one and this time around I hope they actually succeed. You should also know that this is not the only one in production, but according to the time tables, this one will probably be released first. The sad part is that Robert Downey Jr. actually turned down a role. James Franco will play the wizard while Mila Kunis will play Theodora. I have actually grown to like Mila Kunis a lot.



Robopocalypse - Ten Most Anticipated Moives of 2013
I am pretty sure you can figure out what this particular movie will be all about. Steven Spielberg actually promised that he will be directing the said movie, which if he does, should actually be an epic movie. The script is written by Drew Goddard and the movie is actually based on a novel by Daniel H. Wilson. The name of the novel is Andromeda Strain and it is critically praised. It goes without saying that the movie is actually set way too much in the future. The robots should fight our wars for us. Later they turn into murderers.



Oblivion - Ten Most Anticipated Moives of 2013
There are two main things about this particular movie that makes it the second most anticipated movie in this list. First, that it is an original movie and the second part is that it is a science-fiction. An original science-fiction is hard to come by these days. The bad part however is that it comes from Joseph Kosinski. He was the man behind Tron Legacy. I am saying it’s a bad part because I absolutely hated that movie. It is a story about the last man on Earth after a war with an alien race. He does find someone else in the lonely world. Any guesses as to who?



Iron Man 3 - Ten Most Anticipated Moives of 2013
So I was at a relative’s house in the evening and my cousin told me how Iron Man 3 was absolutely amazing. That shook because I knew for a fact that the movie had not been released yet. Anyway, I am pretty sure you guys are waiting anxiously for the third installment in the Iron Man franchise. You should know though that Jon Favreau will not be returning to direct the third film although Robert Downey Jr. is still the Iron Man and that in my opinion is what matters.

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