Ten Most Anticipated Movies of 2013

Not so long ago we discussed the most anticipated movies of year 2012. Well, the year is almost over with a little over four months to go and we believe that it’s time for you to know what awaits you in the year 2013. Following are a ten movies all set to be released next year and are perhaps the most awaited. You should know that it looks like the next year primarily belongs to the science-fiction genre but it still is all set to be absolutely awesome. I hope you enjoy the read. The movies are based on popular opinions and yours are welcome.



Elysium - Ten Most Anticipated Moives of 2013
At the tenth spot we have the movie Elysium. It stars Jodie Foster, William Fichtner, Sharlto Copley and Matt Damon. Also, you should be interested to know that this movie is actually a follow-up to District 9. Well, not many details are currently known about this movie but who cares? Look at what the cast is and the movie it actually follows-up. Should be awesome and awesome!



20,000 - Ten Most Anticipated Moives of 2013
I am sure you have heard about the director Daivd Fincher. He hardly ever disappoints you now right? Remember, the curious case of Benjamin Button? Also, he was the one behind the Social Network and boy was that good. This movie should be all about Nemo. The entire focus is on how he actually created his underwater vessel referred to by the name of The Nautilus. It is actually a remake of Disney but from a David point of view. I have a pretty good feeling about this movie. Enjoy it when it comes out.



Pacific Rim - Ten Most Anticipated Moives of 2013
If I asked you to take on guess as to who the director of this particular movie is I am pretty sure you would be able to guess it on the second try. You are right folks, the director is in fact Guillermo del Toro. Although he doesn’t really have time to make any movie, at least that’s what we believe based on a very simple reason. His last movie was Hellboy II and it was released in the year 2008. The story is set in the future and there are these weird creatures that threaten our lovely planet. I am just excited to have him direct another movie finally, I hope you guys feel the same.



The Hobbit - Ten Most Anticipated Moives of 2013
The Hobbit is supposed to be released in 2012 and already the second part is under consideration and all set to release in the year 2013. The good part about the movie is that it should actually attract all the Lord of the Rings fan so you can technically look at it as an extension to the LOTR series. Lord of the Rings did a great job and I am pretty sure that the studios will do tremendously with these two movies as well. I am sure you are aware of the cast. It is good, though there are a lot of characters that do not belong; characters from Lord of the Rings that is.



The Gangster Squad - Ten Most Anticipated Moives of 2013
This movie is actually a follow-up to Zombieland if you remember. It was directed by Ruben Fleischer. The movie is set in the 40s and 50s; yeah I know a long time ago, something you’re probably not used to anymore considering the sci-fi movies. Anyway, it is based on an article written by Paul Liberman. It was published in LA Times. It was called Gangster Squad. The reason it is this exciting for me is the absolutely awesome cast. It includes Josh Brolin, Anthony Mackie, Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling. Hulky isn’t it? Yeah, I agree!


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