Ten Amazing Food Facts

Food is something we have on a daily basis and more than just the one time. It is our life source and the prime means of survival. This particular list talks about ten quite weird and amazing facts that should be informative as well as a little shocking.  I hope you enjoy the read and your comments and opinions are always welcome.



Purple Carrots - Ten Amazing Food Facts
The concept struck me as quite interesting actually. Before the seventeenth century, carrots actually used to be purple. That would have been a pretty sight. In the late sixteenth century, the growers of carrots spotted yellow and white carrots amongst the original purple ones. Those carrots did not really taste good but the possibility of color change was possible. So the carrots we know first started to develop from that time. I would actually like to have a purple carrot.



Biggest Food Item - Ten Amazing Food Facts
If I asked you about the biggest food item you ever saw in your life, what would that be? Please do not think about the world records of giant pastries and cakes and pizzas. I mean real food. Well, it took me by surprise, but the biggest food item in a menu is a camel – but not just a camel. See, that camel is stuffed with a sheep, the sheep is stuffed with chicken, the chicken is stuffed with fish and the fish is finally stuffed with eggs. I wonder exactly how long it takes to prepare all of that and just how hard it would be.



Carbonated Drinks - Ten Amazing Food Facts

Did you ever wonder why carbonated drinks were called soft drinks? What’s interesting is that not only are the carbonated drinks referred to as soft drinks, but all the other beverages minus the excess alcohol were referred to soft drinks. These days, we just refer to a carbonated drink with that name. See, beverages with excess alcohol content are referred to as a hard drink, and drinks with significantly less or absolutely no content were referred to as ‘soft drinks’ and not just the carbonated drinks.



Well, this might sound a little weird to you guys but since I happen to love soup, I thought more people like me should familiarize themselves with what I found out. According to several archeological reports, the consumption of soup first began in around 6,000 BC; a long time ago. Well, the interesting part is that the first soup ever made was made out of a hippopotamus. I can’t even begin to imagine what that might have tasted like and frankly I would not be willing to try either.



Okay this might sound a little gross but the choice to buy and use them actually still rests with you so it’s very much just fine. I am sure you are familiar with the Food and Drug Administration. Well, the FDA actually allows one to sell rodent hair and many different kinds of bugs for consumption. That’s the worst part. See, they allow around thirty insect fragments and one to two rodent hairs per 100 grams of peanut butter. So it’s very possible that your favorite peanut butter actually already contains these things.

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