8 Strangest Apps for Your iPhone


4. LOL Maker

If you’ve been around the internet for more than 5 minutes, you’ve probably run into the internet sensation that is “LOL Cats” – pictures of cats overlaid with captions. With the LOL Maker app, you can use your iPhone to create your own LOL Cats image, complete with custom captions.


3. Dog Whistler

If your dog is always running away, or if you are just having a hard time getting him to stay, the Dog Whistler app will solve all your problems. This app emits a whistling sound to call your dog to heal. Some of the frequencies are so high, that you won’t be able to hear them, but your dog will.


2. That’s What She Said

If you’ve seen the TV show The Office, you’ll remember Michael’s favorite phrase, “That’s What She Said!” This app features a giant red button that will shout out this phrase for you in dozens of different styles. Just don’t press too hard, or you might break it! (That’s what she said!)


1. iVoodoo

Looking for a portable voodoo doll to inflict pain on your enemies? This is the app for you. iVoodoo lets you use photos from your photo gallery to paste as the face of the doll. Angry at your boss for making you work on Saturday? Want to get revenge on an ex for cheating on you? This app will help you do just that.

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