30 Most Weird Shoes in the World


1. Gadget Shoes


2. Insect Enlocked Shoes


3. Reverse Heal Shoes


4. Foot Gloves


5. Fish Shoes


6. Card Board Shoes


7. Scrolls Shoes


8. Polyclipped Shoes


9. Weird Zippers


10. Foam-soap Shoes


11. Croc Shoes


12. Toe-less Shoes


13. Layered Leather Shoes


14. Banana Shoes


15. Leggings shoes

18 thoughts on “30 Most Weird Shoes in the World

  1. Wow! The last 5 shoes are the best and.. a little scary especially the last one. Brrr….

    Where You found this pictures. Amazing collection.

  2. Amazing collection
    i actually tried getting a hold of foot gloves n i was able to find it
    i ordered it n i m hoping to get them tomorrow 😀

  3. some of these pics were very cool and interesting but otheres like the rat slippers were really gross. the red boots and the car shoes were defently my favorite!!!!! but over all this was a great fun site and the shoes with the ladies were not opropiate i would take those OFF!!!

  4. OMGG. Loll, Best Shoes I’VE EVER SEEN! xD Can Someone Tell Me Were I Could Find The Legging Shoes

  5. I love some of the shoes and would actually wear some of them like the iron woman shoe and the shoes with the lady hold the pole, I pole dance so I thought those were really cute

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