10 Most Viral Music Videos in 2011

Social media is no longer dependent on radio, newspaper or television. The social media is highly prevalent on our very own accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. Web has taken over our lives like a storm and this, my dear readers, was just a glimpse of what twisted turns this is going to take in the coming years. For all the famous music artists around the globe, YouTube has proved to be an international home to everyone who wants to get their voice heard around. 2011 has amazed us with extraordinary talent of various artists making them jump on YouTube’s most viewed hits getting viral on all social networks.


10. Friday – Rebbecca Black

Rebbecca Black surprised us with high class entertainment by the name of ‘Friday’ being constantly repeated throughout the song and creating awareness of how many days are there in a week and by what name are they called. Also not to forget her confusion on which seat should she take in her friends car or what her daily routine is. Classic, no?

‘Friday’ got a whooping 22,166,537 hits on YouTube and it could have been more if YouTube hadn’t removed the video for a while. Who knows, even YouTube might’ve had ears to spare from Rebbecca Blacks killing voice. Since it got released Rebecca has earned enormous fan following who love her just like everyone loves Justin Beaver, but hey! I think anyone who entertains everyone in any way that might be, has a lot of guts to do so. So Rebbecca, keep spreading your serious humor!


9. Somebody That I Used to Know – Gotye ft. Kimbra

Somebody that I used to know proved to be one the most creative music videos of 2011 with a different concept of ‘breaking up’ and moving on. Released on July 6th 2011, this song has charted 26 on the U.S billboard hot 100 with over 78 Million views on YouTube up till today, picking up 200,000 views in its first two weeks, as well as receiving promotion on Twitter by actor Ashton Kutcher. The song got viral globally hitting many other charts, on the top.


8. E.T. (Extra Terrestrial) – Katy Perry ft. Kanye West

One of the best producers in the Hollywood music industry, Kanye West collaborated with Katy Perry to produce one of the most artistic music videos of 2011 E.T ‘Extra Terrestrial’. The whole concept of the video revolves around how the love of Katy’s man is so out of the world and alien, hence the music video shows an alien planet with Katy as one the creatures, with stunning graphics, editing and shots. The music video was indeed a piece of art and got hit almost instantly with it’s release on 30th March 2011 with above 150 Million hits on YouTube.


7. Last Friday Night – Katy Perry ft. Rebbecca Black

With Rebbecca Black’s instant hit ‘Friday’, Katy Perry decided to take this further by collaborating with her in the song ‘Last Friday Night’, the Friday connection is obvious! The video has a funky element to it throughout which is enlarged with the addition of the Legen..Wait for it..Dary Rebecca Black. The song was released on 12 June 2011 hitting views above 150 Million. The video is a portrayal of an innocent girl who gets drunk on a Friday night and wakes up next day to find everything she did online. Such videos attract a large group of young people who being the active members of social media helped this video get viral.


6. Someone Like You – Adele

One of my personal favorites, Adele took 2011 by storm with her voice and the stunning simplicity of her videos. Someone Like You was released on 29th September with over 110 Million views on YouTube. The song also topped the charts in Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, France, Switzerland and has become Adele’s second number one in the United States. The video showed Adele in the streets of Paris, alone, with a sad look on her face which completely sinked in with the mood, tone and lyrics of the song. With her No.1 hit, ‘Rolling In The Deep’, Someone Like You became her second best hit of the year, getting viral with the help of true music lovers.

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