10 Most Unusual Prisons in the World

A prison is a place where people are confined and deprived of many personal freedoms. If one commits a crime, a person found guilty is sent to prison if the state imposes so. Prison is often referred to with other terms such as a penitentiary, remand center, correctional facility or a detention center. Rest assured that all of these represent a prison. So, if you are sentenced to any of these, do not take it easy. I have not had the pleasure of being in one of these places so far and I hope it stays the same. You can share you stories with us though, if you are interested. Enjoy the read.



Alcatraz - Ten Most Unusual Prisons in the World
This prison is located in California and it is the most famous prison in the world. The prison is also referred to as ‘Rock’ and has been featured in many different movies. The prison is situated in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. The prison served as a lighthouse, a military fortification, a military prison and then finally, a federal prison in the year 1963. During the 29 years of operation, no prisoner could ever escape from the prison. It is surrounded by water, what do you expect?



Cereso - Ten Most Unusual Prisons in the World
The inmates in this prison solve all their problems through boxing; I believe this is not healthy for the criminal himself. The interesting bit is that the prison has seen no violence in around ten years. Moreover, the prison has excellent arts programs that train and teach the prisoners. They can then sell their work to the tourists. The warden says, ‘when there is a disagreement, we have the inmates involved put on the gloves and get into the boxing ring, after about two rounds the dispute is over’; clever, I must say. The prison is located in Mexico.



Bastoey Island - Ten Most Unusual Prisons in the World
It is the first prison of its kind; it’s ecological. This prison is situated in Norway. Ecological has nothing to do with the type of criminals in this place, it is still home to notorious criminals. The prison uses solar panels in order to produce energy and most of the food supplies are produced in the prison (or around it) as well. The solar panels cut the third-party electricity needs by 70% which I think is pretty good. The food is also good quality and the leftover food is sold to other prisons. So they are making quite a good amount of money and saving up too.



Aranjuez - Ten Most Unusual Prisons in the World
Interestingly, the Aranjuez Prison has cozy family cells for you to have some nice family time while you serve. It is located in Spain and it has nurseries, toddler playgrounds and Disney characters painted all over the walls. The idea behind it is for the kids to bond with their imprisoned parents and not give them the impression that their parent(s) are imprisoned. There are a total of 36 cells for families but not all of them are occupied. Most of them are taken by the Latin Americans. There are cells in the sector F-1 and they are known as the five-star cells. Clean!


6. ADX

ADX - Ten Most Unusual Prisons in the World
The ADX is located in Colorado and is said to have the maximum security every possible. It is the United States Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility and is situated in Florence. It opened up in the year 1994 and it is pure torture. The inmates are allowed out of their cells for a period of only nine hours every week. They are not allowed to interact much with each other (not a lot). ADX is a prison intended for the worst of criminals in the country. This is a place you should really be afraid of. More details about this prison can easily be found online.


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