10 Most Luxury Yachts

Since we have discussed travel a lot, we decided to create a list regarding the luxuries while you travel. One of those luxuries is the yachts and if you are lucky enough, you might get to ride one of these bad girls. Two criteria were considered while mapping this list. The first one is a little obvious; the size of the ship itself and the second one is the price and how much would it cost to actually rent one of these. I recently had the pleasure to be aboard one luxury cruise and it blew me away. You guys can share you experiences in the comments. Stay tuned because we will be discussing ten of the best cruises in the world for you. Enjoy the read!



Golden Odyssey - Ten Most Luxury Yachts
This particular yacht comes from Germany and is around 80 meters in length. It was completed in the year 1990 and can accommodate around 12 people. The yacht is owned by Prince Khalid bin Sultan. It offers all the mainstream luxury; you name it and they got it. It can travel at a maximum speed of 18 knots and can travel 9,100 nautical miles at her cruise speed which is 16 knots. Have fun.



Alysia - Ten Most Luxury Yachts
This one happens to be one of the most impressive charters yachts in the world. It can accommodate around 36 passengers in its luxury cabins and is perfect for holding corporate events. It can travel around 7,000 miles at cruise speed. It is needless to say that health facilities are provided onboard. It offers an amazing collection of 500 vintage wines. This yacht is around 85.30 meters in length and carries a crew of 36 at all times. The maximum speed is 16 knots while the cruise speed is 14 knots.



This yacht was built in Italy. Believe me when is say that you will be lucky if you get to sail in her. Even the sails are beautiful. It offers 6 luxurious cabin that can easily accommodate around 12 people; of course following the ‘two in every cabin rule’. You will have access to private gyms in this one. It was launched in the year 2006 and carries a crew of 19 at all times. It is around 88 meters in length and can travel at a maximum speed of 19.6 knots. The average cruise speed is 15 knots.



Athena - Ten Most Luxury Yachts
This is perhaps the largest private sailing boat of the modern age. The interior of the ship was designed by Rebecca Bradley. You will be offered an open air lounge, media lounge, lobby, dining salon and a library. It has five luxury cabins that can easily accommodate ten people. You will your very own personal Jacuzzi by the way. It was launched in 2004 and it carries a crew of 18 people. It is around 90 meters in length and sails at a maximum speed of 18.9 knots.



It offers a personal crew member for attention to every single passenger onboard. So you can pamper yourself on the waters all you want. You can hold luxury events on the yacht for example product launches, celebrations, buffets, parties and receptions. It can accommodate around 50 guests at the same time. You will have access to luxurious conference rooms, library, Lido Bar and an amazing Dining Room. It was launched in 2002. The maximum speed is 15 knots and it is 88.5 meters in length. It carries a crew of 30 members.


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