10 Most Dangerous Dinosaurs


Troodon - Ten Most Dangerous Dinosaurs
These happen to be small dinosaur resembling a bird and are said to have lived during the Late Cretaceous period. Their fossils were first discovered in 1855 in North America. More species were discovered in Texas, New Mexico and Wyoming. The name means ‘wounding tooth’. They are classified as Reptilia and belong to the family of Troodontidae. They are said to have been around 2.5 meters in length on average and could weight over 50 kilograms; like I said, they were small. But the smaller they get the more deadly they get as well; at least in most cases.



Kronosaurus - Ten Most Dangerous Dinosaurs
The name means ‘Lizard of Kronos’. They were named after the Greek leader called Cronus. These dinosaurs had a short neck. They are classified as Sauropsida and belong to the family of Pliosauridae. They reached the length of 13 meters but would usually average around 9 or 10 meters. They were equipped with large teeth exceeding the length of seven centimeters. The largest of its teeth reached a length of 30 centimeters. Their fossils were discovered from Australia.



Amphicoelias - Ten Most Dangerous Dinosaurs
The name literally means bioconcave. These particular dinosaurs were longest known vertebrates with lengths averaging at around 40 to 60 meters. They weighed in on 122 metric tons. They were classified as Reptilia and belonged to the family of Diplodocoidea. Their fossil remains were lost at some point which is why extensive studies could not be carried out on these guys although Jurassic Park gives a pretty nice idea as to what they might have looked like.



Velociraptor - Ten Most Dangerous Dinosaurs
I am sure you remember these guys from the famous movie called ‘Jurassic Park’ and that movie gives a great insight into how big of nuisance they could prove to be. The name means ‘swift seizer’ and they are said to have lived over 75 to 71 million years ago. They were part of the late Cretaceous Period. Their fossils were found in China and Mongolia. They are classified as Reptilia and belong to the family of Dromaeosauridae. They could weigh up to 15 kilograms and would grow in length up to 2 meters. Though they might seem potentially harmless considering their size and weight, but they would usually attack in herds, and that’s where the problem starts; besides, they are really fast.



TRex - Ten Most Dangerous Dinosaurs
I am sure you guys expected the T Rex to make it to the top. The name means ‘Tyrant Lizard’. The fossils suggest that these guys used to live in Western North America some 67 million years ago. They are classified as Reptilia and belong to the family of Tyrannosauridae. They could grow over 12 meters in length and would usually weigh in over 6 metric tons. They had small arms and long tails. I am sure you can picture these guys really well considering we have seen them in the Jurassic Park series.

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