10 Most Dangerous Dinosaurs

Let’s travel back in time and talk about some of the most dangerous animals to roam the planet. It’s a real blessing that these guys have ceased to exist otherwise human existence would have been impossible. This particular list discusses ten of the most dangerous dinosaurs. The good part is that they are never coming back to life again, although a first-hand experience on their way of life would have been interesting; dangerous, but really interesting. I hope this list proves to be educative. Enjoy the read!



The name means Chinese Reptilian Wing. This was the first dinosaur not included in the Avialae evidenced to have wings. They had furry coats of feathers. They had long tails and short arms and were close relatives of the Compsognathus. Both belong to the family of Compsognathidae. They lived in the northeastern part of China during the Cretaceous period and were the first dinosaurs to be discovered from the Yixian Formation. Many aspects of their biology are illustrated with the help of well-preserved fossils.



Liopleurodon - Ten Most Dangerous Dinosaurs
The name means smooth-sided teeth and they were marine carnivorous reptiles. They belong to the family of Pilosauroidea. They lived during the middle Jurassic Period and could grow to the enormous length of 25 meters. Their fossils were mostly found in England and France and one of the species is known to have existed somewhere in Russia. They had four strong limbs which indicate them to be really powerful swimmers. A study shows that this body structure would provide excellent acceleration if not top speed.



Ankylosaurus means fused lizard. They belong to the family of Ankylosauridae and are classified as Reptilia. They could grow in length till about nine meters and weighed in over 6,000 kilograms. The fossils suggest that they were alive during the Cretaceous Period in the western part of North America. A complete skeleton of these species have not yet been discovered so the illustrations could be inaccurate but it gives an idea at least. This dinosaur was heavily armored which would help in defense and attack at the same time.



Sarcosuchus - Ten Most Dangerous Dinosaurs
Sarcosuchus means ‘flesh crocodile’. They happen to be very distant relatives of crocodiles are said to have lived around 112 million years ago. These are perhaps the biggest crocodiles to have ever lived with their fossils found in Africa. They are classified as Reptilia and belong to the family of Pholidosauridae. They are believed to have been as long as a city bus which is well over 12 meters and they weighed in on over 8 tones. The mere skull was the size of a fully grown male human; one bite and you disappear.



Allosaurus - Ten Most Dangerous Dinosaurs
These guys lived during the late Jurassic Period around 155 million years ago. The name means ‘different lizard’. They are classified as Reptiles and belong to the family of Allosauridae. It is said to have had a large skull with several very sharp teeth and averaged around 9 meters in length. Some studies suggest that they could reach the length of 12 meters. They had a heavy tail suggesting greater balance. They have been estimated to weigh in at around 2.3 metric tons. Imagine if these creatures were alive, or if they come alive.

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