12 Really Interesting and Crazy Statues / Sculptures Around The Globe


12. Playful Mom and Daughter – Salt Lake City, Utah

Playful Mom and Daughter - Salt Lake City, Utah
Playful Mom and Daughter – Salt Lake City, Utah
This beautiful statue lies outside  a building in Salt Lake City, Utah representing a mother swinging her daughter around and around. The sculptor has beautifully expressed the moment shared between a mother and her daughter.


11. Sneaky Photographer- Bratislava, Slovakia

Sneaky Photographer
Sneaky Photographer- Bratislava, Slovakia
Located in front of Paparazzi restaurant in Bratislava, Slovakia, this interesting man size statue is representing a sneaky photographer ready to snap a photograph anytime. Bratislava is famous for it’s interesting bronze statues including Cumil, or the Watcher, emerging from a manhole and is said to peer up women’s skirts, a Napoleonic soldier resting his forearms on a bench with his backside to the French Embassy on the main square and the bronze photographer, pictured above.


10. Charles La Trobe Statue – Melbourne

Charles La Trobe Statue

Charles La Trobe Statue
It is the upside down statue of Charles La Trobe located at La Trobe University in Bundoora. Charles La Trobe, the first lieutenant-governor of the colony of Victoria, held office from 1839 to 1854, helping to establish the Royal Botanic Gardens, State Library, Museum of Victoria, National Gallery of Victoria and University of Melbourne.


9. Le Pounce (Thumb Statue) – Paris, France

Big Thumb Statue, Paris
Big Thumb Statue, Paris
Le pouce (the thumb), is an artistic creation by renowned French sculptor César Baldaccini . He designed this sculpture in 1965 . It weighs 18 tonnes and is 12 meters high.


8. Hanging Rhino – Potsdam, Germany

Hanging Rhino, Potsdam
Hanging Rhino, Potsdam
Located at Luisenplatz Square in Potsdam, Germany is this statue of a sad rhino hanging over the passerby.


7. Ku BomJu – Seoul , Korea

Ku BomJu
Ku BomJu – Seoul , Korea
In front of the Bukcheon Museum is the interesting Ku BomJu statue which represents the beautiful culture of Seoul, Korea. Koreans are friendly and hospitable people who believe in sharing is caring.  This statue shows two people sharing their biscuit.


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