10 Highest Peaks in the World

This is certainly a different topic that came to my mind. When I used to think of the world’s highest mountains only two names came to my mind; the one at the top position and the one just after that and of course both of them are discussed in the list. I couldn’t think of any other name that could be considered amongst the top ten highest mountains and curious that I am, I conducted a little research. Here I am before you, presenting you with the top ten mountains in the world when it comes to height. I am sure the list will prove to be educative as it was the same for me. How many of you are into mountaineering? Enjoy the read!



Annapurna - Ten Highest Peaks in the World
This mountain is part of the Himalayas in Nepal and it stands around 8,091 meters above the sea level. It is a Sanskrit name and it means ‘full of food’. Well, that sounds tempting doesn’t it? Usually though, the name is translated into ‘Goddess of the Harvests’. Annapurna in Hinduism is the kitchen Goddess. There are many other peaks in this region and these are considered one of the most dangerous to climb.



Nanga Parbat - Ten Highest Peaks in the World
This peak is located in Pakistan and it stands 8,126 meters above sea level. It is one of the fourteen mountains to stand above 8,000 meters. If you translate the name into English, it becomes the ‘Naked Mountain’. The words are derived from Sanskrit. This mountain is referred to as the ‘Killer Mountain’. During the first half of the twentieth century, Nanga Parbat proved to be really deadly. After the first half though, the death rates decreased. The view it offers is pretty amazing because it rises really high compared to the surrounding peaks.



Manaslu - Ten Highest Peaks in the World
It is located in the Nepalese Himalayas in Mansiri Himal. The name of the mountain means ‘Mountain of the Spirit’ and it comes from Sanskrit. It is around 8,156 meters above the sea level and was first climbed on the 9th May of 1956. The names of the people who first climbed it were Toshio Imanishi and Gyalzen Norbu. They were members of an expedition from Japan. Japanese consider this mountain to be their own, just like the British consider the Mount Everest to be their own.



Dhaulagiri - Ten Highest Peaks in the World
It stands around 8,167 meters high above the sea level. There are fourteen peaks in the world to cross the mark of 8,000 meters in the world, just so you know. The mountain is located in Nepal and the first it was climbed for the first time on the 13th May of 1960. The expedition that successfully climbed it was from Switzerland and Austria. The name comes from Sanskrit. Dhaula means dazzling, white or beautiful and Giri means mountain. So the name should mean something like ‘Dazzling Mountain’ and all. Doesn’t sound that appealing to me, what do you think?



Cho Oyu - Ten Highest Peaks in the World
It rises around 8,201 meters above sea level and situated in the Himalayas around 20 kilometers west of Mount Everest. It is also at the border between China and Nepal. The name of the mountain means ‘Turquoise Goddess’. The first attempt to climb this mountain was made in 1952 by an expedition from Great Britain. They planned on trying for the Everest the following year so they considered this one a warm up. The first time ‘Cho Oyu’ was ever climbed was on the 19th October of 1954. It was an Austrian expedition.


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