10 Greatest Mathmaticians

I know and completely understand that this is not a favorite subject to most of you people out there. Got to be honest here and tell you that my favorite subjects were Mathematics and Physics without a doubt. This particular list talks about ten of the most notable and important mathematicians in the history of human existence. It is because of these people (on a grander scale) that math is the subject we know it to be. You must be familiar with some of the names mentioned below, but others will be completely new. I hope you enjoy the list.



Pythagorus of Samos - Ten Greatest Mathmaticians
This guy lived around 570 to 495 BC in Greece and he is known to be the founder of the Pythagorean group. That group was known to be one of the first to study advance mathematics. I am pretty sure that you guys are familiar with the Pythagoras Theorem, the one used in trigonometry. Well, this guy came up with that rule. There are theories that state that it was not him that came up with that equation. Considering of course that he did, it was remarkable contribution to the world of mathematics. That’s what opened the door to the study of geometry.



Henri - Ten Greatest Mathmaticians
Jules Henri Poincare lived from 1854 to 1912. He was a famous mathematician to come from France. He made many contributions to pure and applied mathematics, mathematical physics and celestial mechanics. He was the one who came up with the Poincare conjecture. He was the first person to present the Lorentz transformations in their modern form. I am sure you guys have heard about the Poincare group that is used in Physics and Mathematics. That group is named after this guy.



Leonardo Pisano - Ten Greatest Mathmaticians
He is also known as Leonardo Fibonacci and lived from 1170 to 1250. He is known to be one of the greatest mathematicians of the Middle Age. He came up with the Fibonacci Series and he contributed a lot to the Arabic numbering system. He came back to Italy from the Arabic world in 1202 and came up with Liber Abaci where he tried to introduce the Arabic numbers in many situations because he considered them to be easier and much less complex than the roman numerals. He is considered to be great asset in the development of modern mathematics.



Bernhard Riemann - Ten Greatest Mathmaticians
This particular mathematician comes from Germany and lived from 17th September 1826 to 20th July 1866. His full name is Georg Friedrich Bernhard Reimann and he made various contributions to analysis, number theory and differential geometry. Some of his contributions led to the development of general relativity later. He died in Italy.



Girolamo - Ten Greatest Mathmaticians
He was born on the 24th September in 1501 in Pavia. At the age of 74 he died in Rome on the 21st September in 1576. He was an Italian mathematician, astrologer and gambler. His published works on medicine, mathematics, physics, philosophy, religion and music are over 200. Interestingly, it was gambling that led him to come up with basic rules in probability and that made him one of the founders of the concept. He is mostly noted for his contributions to algebra (something all of you hate; I know it).


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