10 Greatest Hip-Hop Battles

While I am on the topic of battles I decided to give it an interesting spin. I am sure most of our readers enjoy hip-hop and therefore I bring you ten of the greatest hip-hop battles ever. Most of these names will be known to you even if you are not a hip-hop fan. Most of you would probably be heartbroken when you find out who won the battle. I am not that big a fan of hip-hop, though I do enjoy it at times. I have heard each and every one of the singers mentioned below. The interesting bit is that my favorites won all the battles. I hope it is the same for you. Enjoy the read.



Kool Moe Dee - Ten Greatest Hip-Hop Battles
This happens to be the most awesome of hip-hop battles to have ever been fought and to compile a list without mentioning this particular, is absurd. It happened in 1981 and this battle was the pioneer of what we now know as a ‘battle rap’. Busy Bee was a good rapper and he entertained the audience with his skills. Kool Moe Dee however, was better. His lyrics were mean, cruel and ruthless. He butchered Kool Moe Dee and stood out as the winner.



Eminem - Ten Greatest Hip-Hop Battles
This was a weird battle. Eminem started off his career on the pages of The Source. But that happy relationship ended when the co-founder of the magazine started dissing Eminem. Slim Shady had no real music with him, although his rhyming skills were a winner. He came back with a barrage of insults that included ‘Nail in the Coffin’ and ‘The Sauce’ because of which the magazine lost the readership and Eminem stood as a proud winner.



Dr. Dre - Ten Greatest Hip-Hop Battles
These guys used to be partners in NWA. Both of them insulted each other like crazy. Dre came up with ‘Dre’s Day’ and it looked like that was it. But then Eazy-E fought with ‘Real Muthaf***** G’s’. He ridiculed Dre and Snoop. It looked like Eazy-E was owning Dr. Dre, but that changed. The winner of the battle was easily Dr. Dre and he deserved it. You should listen to this battle, it’s pretty amazing and kind of funny.



Canibus - Ten Greatest Hip-Hop Battles
LL Cool J was at his prime during this battle. Canibus was a very famous ‘fighter’. Between these two the odds were against Canibus. LL Cool J was a legend. The battle was fierce but LL Cool J was KO’d with Canibus’s ‘Second Round KO’. The song featured Mike Tyson; beat that. The lyrics to the song were an inspiration to many. Canibus came out as a winner, surprised considering the strong adversary.



Common - Ten Greatest Hip-Hop Battles
You blame an MC for the demise of hip-hop and it is on. The same happened between Soulja Boy and Ice T back in the year 2009 and the same happened between these two. Ice Cube claimed that Common’s lyrics to ‘I use to love H.E.R’ were a diss to the West Coast and that’s when it all started. Common destroyed the Westside Connection with ‘The B***h in Yoo’. It was a clear victory for Common. Before you enter into a battle, one must know what he is up for.

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