10 Greatest Battles of World War II

World War II was the greatest conflict and war the world has ever known. It started in 1939 and ended in 1945. The war started in Europe and it saw around 60 million people die. The destruction was unbelievable. No war has ever been this bloody. The First World War killed around 35 million people. This list talks about ten of the bloodiest battles fought during the Second World War. The spots are based on the number of casualties.



Battle of Monte Cassino - Ten Greatest Battles of World War II
The Allies fought the Germans and Italian troops. It was one of the hardest battles in the Second World War. The Allies wanted to break through to the German Gustav Line. They wanted to gain control of Rome. Monte Cassino is a monastery that stood in the center of German defense. Rome was finally captured and both the sides lost around 125,000 men. The battle started on the 17th January and ended on the 18th May in 1944. The battle saw 185,000 casualties.



Battle of the Bulge - Ten Greatest Battles of World War II
This battle was the last major offense from the Germans on the Western Front. The objective was to split the Allies into a group of two and capture Antwerp during followed with the destruction of Allied forces. The battle did not go as planned at all. The battle went against the Germans. This battle saw around 840,000 troops from the States. It was the largest army they used in the Second World War. The battle started on the 16th December in 1944 and ended on 25th January next year. The battle killed around 186,369 men.



Second Battle of Kharkov - Ten Greatest Battles of World War II
Kharkov was of strategic importance. It is a city in Ukraine. Germans had captured the city in 1941. The next year, the Red Army launched a massive attack to take the city back. The Germans defeated the Red Army killing nearly 280,000 men and destroying around 650 tanks. Got to hand it to the Germans. They took the attack full-on when they were not expecting it. This battle killed around 300,000 soldiers and was a short battle. It started on twelfth May and ended on the twenty eighty in 1942.



Battle of Luzon - Ten Greatest Battles of World War II
Luzon is the largest island in Philippines and it was of strategic importance to the States. Japanese took over the island though and then came the States to take it back. Both the sides suffered great losses; Japanese in particular. The fighting was intense and fierce mostly because of the Japanese kamikaze pilots. Come 11th February and the States captured Manila. Japanese resistance was heavy and they took the States for a while until the battle ended on the 15th August 1945 rendering almost 332,330 to 345,330 people dead. The battle started on the 9th January 1945.



Battle of Kursk - Ten Greatest Battles of World War II
It was major victory for the Soviets. It was perhaps the biggest clash of armored tanks in the history. Germans wanted to eliminate the Kursk ‘bulge’. It was created after the Germans were defeated in Stalingrad. The Red Army was ready for the Nazis. The Germans are said to have lost around 550,000 men (death, imprisonment, injuries). This battle was a major turning point in the war and the Soviets ended up freeing most of Ukraine. The battle started on the 5th July and ended on the 23rd August in 1942. Around 388,000 men lost their lives.


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