Top 10 Friendly Dogs

If you are a dog person and you have kids in your house, it can be a real problem. You want to find a dog that will be well behaved around your children. This particular list discusses ten such dogs. They are fantastic breeds and are normally perfectly safe to have around kids.



The Bulldog - Top Ten Friendly Dogs
The Bull Dog is very sturdy and can easily manage kids who are new to dogs. Also, please do not confuse tis one with The Bull Terrier or The Pit Bull. All three of them are very different. These dogs are very friendly and loyal towards adults and children alike. The good thing about this guy is that if you already have a dog, or are planning to bring in a new one, it will not take a lot of time to warm up to him. They are very loving towards humans and other dogs.



Beagle - Top Ten Friendly Dogs
These guys are original kept for hunting purposes so they are very active. If you have a house full of active kids then this dog is the perfect companion for them. They are sturdy and are hardly ever tired. They are smart and happy dogs, bound to lighten up the place with their presence. They do require a lot of brushing and bathing though but that’s they only thing you really need to worry about.



Bull Terrier - Top Ten Friendly Dogs
One thing that you should know is that a Bull Dog and a Bull Terrier are not in the same league of dogs. See, this one was original bred to be a companion dog. They are very friendly towards children and adults. One thing about this dog is that it has an extremely high threshold for pain, so if your kids are new to dogs, a few accidents won’t matter to this dog. They are loving and kind, so they pretty much are a perfect family dog.



Collie - Top Ten Friendly Dogs
Do you remember Lassie in the movie? Well, this was the breed that Lassie was and you saw how they are. These guys are very predictable and loving. They hardly ever bite and you can train them easily. If you are unfamiliar with dogs, these are the best to start with. They are very loyal and would absolutely do anything if it pleases their owners. They are known to be very loving towards children. The thing with this dog is that it may try to herd your children, which is funny, but please don’t encourage that.



Newfondland - Top Ten Friendly Dogs
This guy is known as the protector of nature. They are very friendly towards kids and tend to be very protective of them as well. They are gentle and very patient and that’s like a perfect combo of characteristics if you are looking for a family dog. Unlike most dogs, they don’t mind being around other dogs as well. They tend to fall in love with their kind just as easily as anything else. The only problem is that they drool and shed a lot so having them outdoors in a big yard is preferred and if any of you are allergic, then it might not be a good idea.

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