10 Facts about the Edinburgh Castle




Stone of Destiny - Ten Facts about the Castle of Edinburgh
Edinburgh Castle is home to the Crown Jewels of Scotland and with them rests the ‘Stone of Destiny’ also knows as ‘Stone of Scone’. It is a traditional coronation stone of all the Kings and Queens of England and Scotland. That stone has been fought for by England and Scotland many a times. There are rumors that the actual stone does not exist anymore and that it was swapped for a fake one somewhere in the thirteenth century. The actual stone is hidden. It is uncertain whether anyone knows its location, of course it this legend is true.



Dungeons - Ten Facts about the Castle of Edinburgh
Dungeons are common to almost every castle around the world. There are several dungeons in this particular castle as well. Many prisoners over time have been held in these dungeons and forgotten about (death in solitude; what a painful way to die). There is a dungeon right below the floor of King James’ birth chamber. It is not known as to who was put in that dungeon. Not many people are aware of its existence. Now, I am not sure, but if you are in the area, try visiting and take a closer look.



St. Margaret's Chapel - Ten Facts about the Castle of Edinburgh
The several buildings of the Edinburgh Castle date between the twelfth century and the eighteenth century. So which is the oldest building? It has to be the St. Margaret’s Chapel. It is actually the oldest building in all of Scotland and was constructed in the early twelfth century in the memory of Queen Margaret. The legend has it that she died in the year 1093 because of a broken heart. She heard the news of the death of her husband and she could not handle it. Her husband was King Malcolm III.



The Castle - Ten Facts about the Castle of Edinburgh
The castle itself has not only been used as a place of royal residence. The castle has been used as a prison and a military garrison as well. The Edinburgh Castle is one of the most important castles in Scotland. It has been attacked numerous times and it was the center of many wars. These days however, it serves as a national monument (an important one at that), a museum and a tourist attraction. It dominates the skyline of the entire city and is pretty easy to spot. If you are around, do give the place a visit; you will not regret it.



Castle Rock - Ten Facts about the Castle of Edinburgh
Castle Rock makes the top of the list. According to the archaeological reports this rock is said to be around 700 million years old. It used to be volcanic but now that is extinct. Castle Rock sits almost in the middle of the city and to think it used to be volcanically active. Traces of human inhabitance have been found since the Bronze Age, that is to say around 850 BC. A royal castle has been on the very spot since the twelfth century. Considering this, the rock is very aptly named.

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