10 Facts about the Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh castle is located in Edinburgh, Scotland. It dates back to the twelfth century. It is now a museum and a tourist attraction and has served many different purposes in the history, but it is uncertain as to what exactly its purpose was back when it was constructed and the reason why it was constructed. The interesting bit is that it sits atop an extinct volcano. Did the people back then know that the rock is volcanic? If so, did they know it was extinct? Enjoy the read, we have listed down ten amazing facts about the castle itself.



Mons Meg Cannon - Ten Facts about the Castle of Edinburgh
Mons Meg Cannon is a gigantic supergun that was made around 1449. It used to fire huge solid cannon balls made out of stone; almost thrice the size of an average human head. Considering the year it was made, it is to my amazement really that the cannon could be fired at a distance of 2 miles. Please note that the cannon ball used to weigh 400 pounds. The ritual of firing the One O’Clock Gun continues to date. The gun is fired at one every day except for Sunday. This particular ritual first began in 1861.



Edinburgh Military Tattoo - Ten Facts about the Castle of Edinburgh
This particular event takes place in August in Scotland at nighttime. The entire event is telecasted all over the world and thousands of people come to witness this amazing spectacle. Hundreds of bagpipes and drums are played while you see the Scottish regiment parade in their traditional kilt. You get to hear Scottish songs, see various performances and witness amazing display of fireworks. The event ends with a mournful tune, to pay respect to the dead.



Laird's Lug - Ten Facts about the Castle of Edinburgh
If you happen to visit the Great Hall of the Castle, you will notice a window far above the fireplace. These holes or windows are called Laird’s Lugs in Scotland and that means ‘Lord’s ears’. King James IV would use this hole to eavesdrop on important meetings. When Gorbachev planned to visit the castle in the year 1984, the Soviet national security insisted that the hole should be closed because it was just that effective.



Haunted - Ten Facts about the Castle of Edinburgh
It is reported that Edinburgh Castle is one of the most haunted places in all of Scotland. The most famous ghost of the castle is Lone Piper. Several secret tunnels were discovered underground. They ran from the castle to different parts of the city. A piper boy was sent down the tunnels and he was asked to keep playing the piper so his progress could be charted. The piper stopped and a search party was sent. He had vanished. Legend has it that you can sometimes hear a piper from within the grounds. That is scary.



Myth - Ten Facts about the Castle of Edinburgh
Do you believe in superstitions? Even if you don’t, I am sure you will not be willing to try this one out. This particular superstition applies to the students of University of Edinburgh. It is said that if they ever pass through the gates of the castle, they shall fail their final examinations. Many students are terrified because of this particular superstition. They aren’t really in a position to test it either because what if it actually stands true. Failing the final examinations is not worth a visit to the Castle. You guys can go after you graduate though, the curse will be lifted.


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