10 Dangerous Prehistoric Birds




Phorusrhacos - Ten Dangerous Prehistoric Birds
These happen to have been very large, predatory and flightless birds living in Patagonia. With only one specie, Phorusrhacos Longissimus, they are probably very close relatives of the seriema birds. They were considered to be one of the terror birds haunting the woods and the grasslands. These birds stood around 2.5 meters in height and weighed around 130 kilograms. They would usually grasp their prey in their beaks and smash it to the ground repeatedly in order to kill it. They belong to the family of PHorusrhacidae and are classified as Aves.



Kelenken - Ten Dangerous Prehistoric Birds
The family of Phorusrhacidae is basically known as terror birds and the kelenken belonged to that family. They were classified Aves. These birds were flightless and predatory. It was one of the largest carnivorous birds of all time. They could reach 3 meters in height and would usually weight somewhere around 220 to 250 kilograms. These birds are said to have lived some 15 million years ago in the Middle Miocene in Argentina. Their skull was around 28 inches long that included an 18 inch beak as well. The bird has one of the largest heads in the world.



Haast - Ten Dangerous Prehistoric Birds
These birds were massive and once lived in the southern islands of New Zealand. They are the largest eagles to ever exist in human knowledge. They would usually prey on giant flightless birds (a number of whom were discussed earlier). Their speeds could reach somewhere around 50 mph. These birds actually went extinct somewhere in the 1400s which is fairly close to our time if you compare it with other birds. They belong to the family of Accipitridae and are classified as Aves. They usually weighed somewhere between 9 to 16 kilograms depending on the gender with the females being much lighter.



Brontornis - Ten Dangerous Prehistoric Birds
These were giant predatory birds to have lived in Patagonia. They would reach a height of 2.8 meters and weight in at around 350 to 400 kilograms. If you consider the human knowledge, these birds happen to be the third-heaviest birds. Considering the weight, they probably ambush their prey because it is safe to assume that they probably weren’t very agile. They belong to the family of Phorusrhacidae and are classified as Aves as most of the birds discussed in the list.



Argentavis - Ten Dangerous Prehistoric Birds
This happens to be the largest flying bird that has ever been discovered by humans. Its actual name is Argentavis Magnificens which means the magnificent Argentine bird. Good samples of fossils of this bird were obtained from Argentina. Their wingspan was around 7 meters, body length reached 1.3 meters, height reached 2 meters and they would usually weigh in on 80 kilograms. They belong to the family of Teratornithidae and are classified as Aves.

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