10 Most Dangerous Animals




Pseudonaja textilis
This one was another wake-up call. I used to think that the King Cobra is the most poisonous snake in the world. This baby belongs to the family of Elapidae. It is referred to by the name ‘common brown snake’ most of the times. When it comes to venomous and poisonous snakes, this particular one takes the second spot (the first is discussed below). The common brown snake is native to Australia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.



Blue-Ringed Octopus - Ten Most Dangerous Animals
The rings on its body are actually very vibrant and they look beautiful. This guy belongs to the family of Octopodidae. They can be found in the tide pools and coral reefs in the Pacific and Indian Oceans from Japan to Australia. These are considered to be one of the most venomous water creatures in the world. If you are in these areas and are looking to take a dip in the ocean and you see one of these, please do not even think of stopping and admiring it. They are considerably smaller in size but they are very harmful to humans and especially so when you try to communicate. They get agitated really quickly and the brown patches on their body darken. That’s when you know you need to get away from it. They usually hunt hermit crabs and shrimps.



Marbled Cone Snail - Ten Most Dangerous Animals
Now who would expect a snail to actually take the third spot in this particular list? It’s hard to imagine but it is true. They belong to the family of Conidae and they are referred to as Conus Marmoreus. There are many predatory sea snails in the water and this happens to be one of the species of those guys. They usually feed on other cone snails and marine molluscs. You should know that all the cone snails are actually venomous but this beats every single one of them. They are not exactly harmful to humans but it’s always good to know whose bite to avoid right?



Inland Taipan - Ten Most Dangerous Animals
While the common brown snake is the second most poisonous snake in the world, this guy happens to be the first one. It belongs to the family of Elapidae and is also called Small Scaled Snake or Fierce Snake. If you are not living in Australia then you really don’t have a lot to worry about because these guys are native to that country. They are very shy though, so chances are that they will just slither away at your very sight. I know I said Fierce Snake in the beginning but that name actually describes the venom and not the behavior. At any rate, please know that the bite can prove fatal so whatever happens, if it slithers away, let it!



Box Jellyfish - Ten Most Dangerous Animals
If you ask me, these are by far the most beautiful water creatures that I know of. It is such a pity that they are also the most poisonous creatures in the world. There are many species that come under Box Jellyfish of which three are known to be really dangerous; Chironex Fleckeri, Carukia Barnesi and Malo Kingi. If you are stung by one of these, be prepared for a lot of pain and in many cases, the venom can end of killing you. They are very attractive so if you see them in water, please do not go near them and I don’t only mean these species; any jellyfish for that matter.

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