10 Most Dangerous Animals

Nature has given us many beautiful gifts. There’s a lot to admire and the mere beauty is beyond human imagination. We have been talking about animals recently and that brought us to create a list about ten of the most poisonous animals on land and in sea. It is hard to put a step on exactly which animal should be classified as the most poisonous so I am just going with the popular opinions. Either way, make sure you know the animals mentioned in the list because you WANT to stay away from them whenever and wherever you encounter them. Enjoy the read and be safe.



Puffer Fish - Ten Most Dangerous Animals
They belong to the family of Tetraodontiformes. They may look cute but there is reason these guys made the number ten spot on our list. There are many different species of these fish and you really might want to stay away from every single one of those. The species include balloonfish, blowfish, bubblefish, globefish, swellfish, toadfish, honey toads, sugar toads and sea squab. The one we are talking about has four large teeth that crush the shells of crustaceans and mollusks; their natural prey.



Poison Dart Frog - Ten Most Dangerous Animals
This guy is also known as poison frog. You have to agree, they look absolutely fantastic with their sharp colorings and beautiful textures but they are horrifyingly dangerous. They belong to the family of Dendrobatidae and are native to Central and South America. They have many difference species but of course the levels of toxicity differ. Most of these beautiful dangerous creatures are actually endangered. They have around 175 different species.



Brazilian Wandering Spider - Ten Most Dangerous Animals
They belong to the family of Ctenidae. Before compiling this list, I was under the impression that the Black Widow is perhaps the most poisonous and dangerous spider there is but I was wrong. These guys are commonly known as armed spiders or banana spiders. You can find these bad boys in South and Central America. They have been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records since 2010 as the most venomous spiders.



Stonefish - Ten Most Dangerous Animals
They belong to the family of Synanceiidae. These guys are heavily armed with poison and are very dangerous for humans. Their venom can prove fatal for our poor souls. According to current knowledge, this is one of the most venomous fish present in the waters around the world. They are native to the coastal regions of Indo-Pacific oceans.



Deathstalker Scorpion - Ten Most Dangerous Animals
I absolutely adore the name. These guys belong to the Buthidae family and are a species of scorpion. It is also called the Palestine Yellow Scorpion and Israeli Desert Scorpion. The species is referred to by many different names which is why this particular one is mostly known by its scientific name by researchers which is Leiurus quinquestriatus. It translates to ‘five-striped smooth-tail’. I seriously wonder how they come up with these names. Anyway, please do not play with this guy; he can and will sting!


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