10 Coolest Weapons in Video Games

From conventional weapons like guns and such to more imaginative and downright spectacular tools of destruction, weapons are one of the prime reasons we even play games at all. Anyone can use a gun, laser or sword to fight their way through levels and bosses, but some tools of destruction stand out from the rest.


10. Master Sword

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Game: Legend of the Zelda Series

How often do you encounter a weapon that will seal your spirit away until you’re worthy of using its incredible power? That’s right, Link in Ocarina of Time had to take a seven-year siesta (and get his left ear pierced?) before he could wield the Blade of Evil’s Bane and rescue a Ganon-controlled Hyrule. Appearing in almost every Zelda game, the Master Sword has aided Link across countless monster-slaying, dungeon-conquering, Ganon-butt-kicking adventures. Let’s not forget that Zelda fans will finally get to discover more details about the creation of the most recognized blades in gaming in the upcoming Wii title The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword!


9. BFG 9000

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Game: Doom Series

Yeah, yeah, you called this one from a mile away. It’s not like the BFG 9000 can be excluded from the list because of predictability. This big freakin’ gun floats a massive green orb towards enemies and, on impact, spreads to any poor sap nearby. Don’t bother fighting a room full of Cacodemons without it.


8. Morph-O-Ray

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Game: Ratchet & Clank

This weapon turns your enemy into a chicken. Comedic value aside, think of the implications. It’s one thing to be dead, but becoming a barnyard animal is so much crueler. Everything you love and lived for becomes a distant memory as you strut about, clucking and laying eggs. This is what anti-game pundits should really be worrying about.


7. Lightsaber

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Game: Star Wars Series

The Lightsaber that LucasArts implemented in the first Jedi Knight really changed the way the game was played. All of a sudden, incoming blaster fire from the game’s many gun-toting baddies was not a problem. Kyle would just automatically reflect the shots right back to their rightful owners – as long as you weren’t in the middle of a big swing, that is. The mechanics were refined greatly in the sequels by Raven Software, but the first time you pick it up – the first time you really got to handle a Lightsaber – in what was then a “modern” PC action game, it was a treat. And then when we first heard about the Force Unleashed‘s black lightsaber we imagined a weapon with infinite power. After all, what type of magical crystal creates paradoxical dark light? To say the least, we were a little disappointed to learn the black lightsaber’s powered by just another average crystal. But, hey, the saber sure looks menacing. The aesthetic alone makes this weapon of the force list worthy.


6. Shrink Ray

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Game: Duke Nukem 3D

You’d think that a Honey, I Shrunk the Kids-type gun wouldn’t ever make it into this countdown, but it’s the sheer badass-ity of Duke Nukem that makes this weapon what it is. If you can tag your enemy with this thing, it sends them to miniature size, causing them to run around hilariously little. Get close, and Duke will look down and squash him with his boot. There’s nothing on this countdown quite like the Shrink Ray, and while we’ve seen weapons somewhat like this more than a couple of times, Duke most certainly does it the best.


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  1. well, i didn’t see the ‘pandora’ from ‘the devil may cry’. it’s a cool weapon, too 🙂

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