8 Best Wrist Watch Makers

Watch is a mechanical instrument which is used across the globe to keep time. A watch can be of many types. It can be a pocket watch or can be attached to your wrist with a fabric, leather or may be a chain. A clock’s mechanics work in order to spin a wheel in a synchronized manner. The force used to spin this can be electronic or can be generated with the potential energy stored by winding. Watches appeared in the world in 15th century however electronic watches became more common in 17th century which uses a dry cell.
Our post here lists different companies that have been the leading manufacturers of wrist watches in the past and the present. These companies are from different countries and are famous for their designs, quality and reliability. With the oldest to the newest company that came into existence, we have listed 8 companies.


8. Omega

The oldest company of our list, Omega is based in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland and came into existence in 1848. Omega is one of the most trusted watches of the world. This fact is supported by the fact that in 1969 Omega watch was the choice of NASA when the first man stepped on the Moon. With this prestige, Omega is also the official time keeper of Olympic Games. Also Omega has been worn by James Bond in all of his blockbuster movies since 1995.


7. Timex Group

Timex Group was established in 1854 as Waterbury Clock Company. Waterbury Clock Company was the first clock making company of the United States. Timex Group USA, Inc is the successor of this company since 1944. Due to the excellence being delivered by Times Group, they have earned the nickname of “Switzerland of America”. There are a total of 2000 employees in Times Group these days.


6. Seiko

With Europe and North America already being the oldest two in our list, Asia has Seiko, which was established in 1881 and is the third oldest company. Seiko has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Having a massive revenue of 213 billion Euros in 2003, a watch made by Seiko has been in the wanted list of many. By 2006 Seiko had a total of 6,699 employees. This number speaks for its self as of how big the setup would be.


4 thoughts on “8 Best Wrist Watch Makers

  1. I really wondering how Breitling watches didn’t get a place in your list. I mean how amazing features they offer. Also the dazzling designs. Beside, their usefulness in the field of aviation, diving, hiking and many more.
    There Breitling Avenger series has become a legend. I think you should have include this watch too.
    Anyway, overall pretty good analysis.

  2. Audemar breitling patek chopard cartier theres plenty ofwatch brand thats better den everyone besides rolex these r thebest economic watches but hardly n the world

  3. These are really nice watches. I think the Casio is the brand for me it’s more affordable. I have no interest in spending hundreds or thousands on a watch.

  4. Hi,
    I am in the opinion that the companies listed have got their due recognition,since what appeals to them will make them have a drive in purchasing the watch.

    By far for me Seiko is the best and affordable though i possess Swiss watches of high caliber Omega,Rado & Tags.

    Wonder why Tagheur didn’t secure a place.


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