10 Beautiful and Spectacular Desert Oases

Seemingly dry and never ending deserts own much more than dry sand and lack of life and desire to live. Deserts are a beautiful part of the earth and conceal many deep mysteries. To me, oases in deserts are like stars on sky, few in number but adding to the beauty and charm. Following is a list of few eye catching oases around the globe.

10. Ziz Oasis, Sahara Desert, Morocco

Ziz Oasis Ziz Oasis Source When Moroccan river starts to dry out, it gives birth to beautiful oasis. The Sahara desert is the world’s largest desert with only a small fertile part. Ziz oasis is in the Ziz valley of the Sahara Desert in Morocco. This valley is between Rich and Merzouga and is a famous tourist attraction.

9. Huacachina, Peru, America

Huacachina Oasis Peru Huacachina Oasis in Peru Huacachina Oasis Source Also known as the “Oasis of America”, Huacachina is an oasis around a natural lake in the desert. The oasis is in Southwestern Peru and has a population of 115 (1999). The oasis features on the back of the 50 Nuevo Sol note. A legend states that the lagoon was created when a beautiful princess was disturbed by a young hunter while bathing. She went away and the pool in which she was bathing, transformed into a lagoon. Her mantle became the surrounding sand dunes and she herself is rumored to have turned into a mermaid living in the oasis.

8. Umm al-Maa, Libya

  Umm al-Maa Libya Desert Lake in Libya Beautiful Umm al-Maa Libyan Desert Lake Source Umm-al-Maa is a lake oasis in the Idehan Ubari Sand Sea, Libya. It is hidden amongst the sandy dunes of the Ubari Sand Sea deep within the Libyan Sahara. There are 16 more lakes in the surrounding dunes. Some disappear from time to time and some like Gebraoun, Mafo and Umm-al-Maa have a constant presence in the desert.

7. Timia Oasis, Niger

Beautiful Timia Oasis Niger Timia Oasis Niger Source Timia is a spectacular oasis in Niger. It is at 6 hours drive from Agadez, Niger. Timia town exists by the timia oasis situated in the Aïr Mountains, Agadez Region. Orange and pomegranate laden branches of trees with a background of sand dunes create a spectacular sight. The oasis has date, palm and citrus trees, lush green gardens and a pool of water.

6. Crescent Lake in Sahara Gobi Desert

Crescent Lake in China's Gobi Desert
Crescent Lake in Sahara Gobi Desert Crescent Spring is an amazing and exceptionally beautiful spring in the Sahara Gobi desert, about 6 kilometers (3.73 miles) south of Dunhuang city in China. It is surrounded by the Echoing-Sand Mountain. It is drying out due to lack of rain and constant use of it’s water in agriculture. The lake can be seen during the journey on the Silk Route.


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