Top 10 Amusement Parks in US

While I am on the topics of rides and amusement parks, here is a list of ten of the greatest amusement parks in the United States of America. If you haven’t yet, you have to visit at least one of them. Also, if you are planning to visit one of these soon, give a read to the previous articles that talks about the scariest rides and try them. People who think that amusement parks are for children are way off key here. The rides in these parks are not for children. Oh spare me, most of the adults are scared to sit one of these out. Read the following list and let us know if you have been to any of these parks and share your experiences if you have. Enjoy the read.



Legoland - Top Ten Amusement Parks in US
I know it is a little embarrassing to confess to, but Lego is something you never grow tired of no matter how old you are. Maybe it is just me, either way, this place is fantastic. The place offers over fifty different rides. There are many different shows happening all the time too. There are nine different sections to this place and you can have fun in absolutely any section you turn your head to. Oh, you will see many Lego models of cities and different places and they are insanely accurate too. It is an awesome place to take your kids to by the way.



Six Flags Great America - Top Ten Amusement Parks in US
I visited this place back when I was two years old. I know it’s hard to believe, but yeah, I still remember it. The park offers around 70 different rides and that includes 10 awesome rollercoasters. The Dark Knight is a ride that is a must try for two reasons: It is the Dark Knight and it is awesome. While we are talking about rollercoasters, you might also want to try the Raging Bull. The admission to the park also allows you to enter Hurricane Harbor. It is an adjacent waterpark. Have bucket loads of water fun while you are in there.



Knoebels - Top Ten Amusement Parks in US
This particular park started off with a swimming pool, a carousel and a few tables for you to enjoy a picnic. But those times are long gone now. This place is perhaps the largest free admission park in all of United States. The park offers more than 57 different rides. It opened up in the year 1926. You should know that the rides here have won many different awards so they will not be a disappointment. You can count on that. It is a great place to have a perfect family time. Have fun.



Universal Studios - Top Ten Amusement Parks in US
Universal Studios is a theme park that opened up on the 7th June of 1990. The park is all themed on movies, television and general entertainment. It offers two large parks for you to enjoy and have a nice little picnic with your family. The rides in this particular theme park are based on different movies for example Shrek, Men in Black, The Mummy and even Terminator. If you are in the park, make sure you try the Simpsons ride. It is fantastic.



Busch Gardens - Top Ten Amusement Parks in US
This park is perhaps the most loved park by the citizens of United States. What attracts you about this park is the mere beauty of it. It has a unique design and just walking in it is amazing. If you happen to visit this park, make sure you try the Griffon. It is the tallest and fastest when it comes to dive machine coasters in the world. The most enjoyable time to visit the park will be from April to October.


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