Amazing Sculptures that seem Frozen In Time



Heck Freezes Over

Beauty since always was in the eye of the beholder but now seems in the hands of the beholder, its an absolute beauty, crystal gel piece so marvelously created and faint nylon strings hold the crystal droplets that it incredibly looks a real water plum.


Ball of Youth, Paris

A picture worth a thousand words.


Water on the Brain

A focus on open spaces, created almost free of matter and weight, its a big beauty!


Kinetic BMW

Newly-renovated BMW Welt in Munich, Germany is a kinetic sculpture by ART+COM. This project uses 714 metal balls that are individually suspended by barely visible strings, creating a weightless mass. Each ball lowers and retracts independently that allows them to approximate any form.


Stand-Still Waterfall, NY

An amazing water fall sculpture, with a bit of tinkering, you can really change its appearance. And, like sand sculpture, your work will be somewhat ephemeral.


Floating Traveler Sculpture, Geneva

This picture shows C├ędric le Borgne’s sculpture floating through the air near Pont de la Machine. It was taken on a travel to Geneva, Switzerland, Europe.

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