21 Crazy, Creative and Cool Teapots

Drinking tea and arranging tea parties have always been a favorite activity of the masses. The aroma and flavor of the tea enhances with the crockery used to serve and drink tea. The crockery expresses and describes a person’s taste and personality. Add a flavor to your tea using this interesting collection of teapots and tea sets.


1. Lipstick Stand Teapot

Lipstick Teapot
This teapot would catch everyone’s eye in a lady’s get together or coffee or tea party. It looks like a lipstick holder. You can order this for immediate U.S.A. delivery via FedEx or USPS.


2. Animal Shaped Teapots

White Elephant TeapotWhite Elephant Teapot
This cute yet classy teapot is available in $ 14 only.
Cigno Teapot
Swan Shaped, Cingo Teapot
This swan shaped, classy, elegant and creative teapot is designed by the designer Adam Hammerman.
Cow Teapot
Cow Teapot
Mowing cow shaped, black and white teapot would be an interesting collection in your crockery. This teapot costs $24.95 and can be purchased at the link.


3. Egg Teapot

Egg Teapot
Egg Teapot
You can buy this cute teapot in $39.95 at the link.


4. Eye Ball Shaped Teapot

Eye Ball Teapot
Egg Ball Teapot
This creative teapot has a ceramic base and stainless steel frame. It makes the tea table elegant and modern. It is Zygo Teapot by Shaun Redsar.


5. Mobile Phone Teapot

Mobile Phone Teapot
Mobile Phone Teapot
This teapot is created by The teapottery. It costs $47.7


6. Elegant Jeweled Teapot

Rutilated Teapot
Rutilated Teapot
This 7″ tall beautiful and elegant teapot, is an iridized glass vessel with fabricated sterling silver lid, handle and spout, rutilated quartz, amethyst, topaz, and aquamarine set in 22 karat gold, adorning the silver. You can order this for immediate U.S.A. delivery via FedEx or USPS.


7. Pearls and Rose Set Teapots

Rose Teapot
Rose Set Teapot
Pearl Fountain Teapot
Pearl Fountain Teapot
These elegant teapots are made entirely in silver. They are painted white and set with pearl fringe and vintage rhinestone brooches. Elegant handmade roses decorate the top and the front. This beautiful teapot is available in $97.99 at M.G. Collectibles.


8. Handbag Teapot

Handbag Teapot
Handbag Teapot
This interesting teapot is designed by artist Meghan Runkle Bernard. It is not only for display but has a built-in tea strainer. In place of a purse closure is a detachable lid to pour hot liquid. It is available in three colors i.e. white, green and blue at a price of $189.00. To order follow the link.


9. Pirates Teapot

Pirate Teapot
Pirate Teapot
This crazy looking yet amazing teapot is an excellent gift item. For pricing and delivery details you may follow the following link.


10. Skull Tea Set

Skull Teaset
Skull Tea Set
This German made, funky looking 9 piece porcelain tea set consists of 6 espresso cups, 1 sugar bowl, 1 creamer and 1 teapot is available at a price of $297.99. To buy you may follow the following  link

3 thoughts on “21 Crazy, Creative and Cool Teapots

  1. Amazing and very creative teapots to see. I am glad to see that the designers have to much creativity in their minds that they have come up with these teapots that looks like art pieces more. I like all of them but my favorite one are “Eye Ball Shaped Teapot” and “Sapphire and Diamond Teapot”. Thanks for the post….

  2. “Pearls and Rose Set Teapots” is the most beautiful teapot. I am sure that like me many people have seen anything like this before. Thanks for posting and sharing these beautiful and creative teapots.

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