20 Weird and Creative Sofas

11. Vintage Car Sofa

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Is your old car too old to drive? Recycle it into a sofa.


12. K-2 Sofa

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Have a Himalayas experience while you comfortably sleep on this sofa and dream to climb the peak.


13. Hunting Line Sofa

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New interesting chair design named Hunting Lines was designed byDaniel Becker. This chair is not so comfortable if we look closely by visual, but it has a nice design and great color.


14. Lego Sofa

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Creative soda inspired by LEGO bricks is made from solid, interlocking, systematically lumpy wood.


15. Flexible Love Sofa Design

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This amazing ‘flexible love’ folding chair can be stretched to seat as many as sixteen individuals; once compacted, the chair seats one.


16. Lips Sofa

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Imagine Angelina Jolie’s lips grew into yumy large plumps you could sit and lie on all day long in a crazy realm of pleasure.


17. Eggs Sofa

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That’s creative but you wouldn’t want to just come in from work and throw yourself down on this one! It might not work at your house since the kids will just play with it and it won’t do good for u as well.. you might fry those from time to time until they ran out.


18. Nest Sofa

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No that’s not your cat’s. She can’t lay eggs.


19. Cow Sofa

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Holy kaw!


20. LED Sofa

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Led Lighting is not just a great technology, it’s also an amazing tool for designing furniture. And not just televisions and lamps, The italien design studio, Colico made this awesome Led Lighting Sofa with different colors you can change by a click on your remote control.

2 thoughts on “20 Weird and Creative Sofas

  1. good list after very long time 🙂
    by the way Cow Sofa is fake it is photoshopped

  2. Oh how odd that you mention this – I have just invested in a brand new sofa range for my den and must say I adore it! It is a beautiful 2 piece, finished in white leather. Just felt the urge to share that 😀

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