20 Weird and Creative Sofas


1.Digital Sofa

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imone Micheli transforms computer keyboard to the personal sofa, condensed into a single object. A strange, funny and awesome product, it shows the inextricable link between technology and design, emphasized the perfect need for modernity.


2. Space Probe Bed cum sofa

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Close it up and have your secret unleashed in this probe.


3. Stuffed Animal Sofa

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A stuffed animal master piece for your kids room. They’d love it.


4. Hot Legs Sofa Chair

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Oh my, has she spread her legs? In case of morons, don’t get seduced. Its just a sofa!


5. Cactus Sofa

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Well now that’s called spine chilling.


6. Lighted Drop Sofa

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Lighted Drop Sofa is a fiberglass sofa upholstered in a beautiful fabric and encased in polyester resin. It is illuminated from within to create an enticing and surreal object.


7. Four Legs Sofa Chair

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Enter into realm of pleasure with this hot alien sofa chair especially if you are single.


8. Rome Sofa

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A nice piece for your lounge designed like the Roman Colosseum, will definitely make you feel like an Emperor of your own living room.


9. Boxing Glove Sofa

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Ever wanted to be a boxer? Well then do boxing for remote with your tiny sib on this sofa without the danger of getting a bruise.


10. Reverb Sofa Chair

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Hand-formed and mirror-polished from sheet aluminium, the single inverted skin evolves to provide function, yet is poised in a sculpturally dynamic pose.

2 thoughts on “20 Weird and Creative Sofas

  1. good list after very long time 🙂
    by the way Cow Sofa is fake it is photoshopped

  2. Oh how odd that you mention this – I have just invested in a brand new sofa range for my den and must say I adore it! It is a beautiful 2 piece, finished in white leather. Just felt the urge to share that 😀

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