15 Stylish, Creative and Cool Beds



7. Bed With a Dress

Designer Dressed Bed Moschino Bed in Hotel Chatter Source This amazing and aesthetically designed fashion hotel is built inside a renovated train station from 19th century in Milan. Milan’s Maison Moschino like the Italian luxury fashion house, exhibits a surrealist aesthetic. This bed is wearing a very beautiful dress showing the taste and standard of the hotel. The hotel is a perfect place to stay during your honeymoon days. To get more details about the hotel, visit the website.

6. Cosmovoide Bed

Consmovoide Bed Cosmovoide Bed This luxurious bed from French designers Mork and Mindy comes at a price of $60,000. The bed has hammock-like suspending springs, seven rainbow-colored LEDs, a telephone, and a DVD/home theater with an intgrated TV at its foot. The bed’s twin “electric relaxation frame,” is the perfect tool for a comfortable and deep sleep after a tiring and long day at work.

5. Space Economical Beds

Bed 1 on Top Bed 1 Pulled Down Bed Bed Room at Night These unique and space economical beds stay on the ceiling all day long, giving the room an elegant, organized and modern look. At night they can be easily pulled down and there is no need to move heavy furniture. The concept is to create space within space. The furniture has a self support system. For pricing and more details, you may visit the link.

4. Cinderella Bed

Cinderella Coach Bed Cinderella Bed Fantasies turn to reality at PoshTots. This pumpkin shaped coach of Cinderella from the famous fairy tale of Cinderella would make your daughter go crazy with joy and excitement. The bed is available at a price of $47,000. For more details and to see the entire range of themed bedroom sets, you may visit their website.

3. Super Nintendo Bed

Super Nintendo Bed Super Nintendo Bed Those with a gaming interest would love this sleek and stylish, Super Nintendo Bed. The bed gives the room a cool look, perfectly describing your taste. It features a Hollandia adjustable 3D mattress, fully enclosed speakers, a 250 watt amplifier and two iPad docks. No doubt it is any geek’s ultimate dream. This all comes at a price of $20,000. This would give the geeks, with a huge bank balance, the best nights sleep they have ever had.

2. Magnetic Floating Bed

Magnetic Floating Bed Magnetic Floating Bed The Millionaire Fair in Kortrijk, Belgium hosted extravagant products from all over the globe. Here, Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaar exhibited his designer floating bed. This floating bed uses magnetism to keep suspended 40 cm above the floor, overpowering the strong force of gravity. The bed uses strong opposing magnets to provide the magnetism. It can bear weight up to to 900 kg. The full size bed costs $1.6 million and a bed that is 1/5 the size of the full size bed costs only $153,000.

1. Hi Can Bed

Hi Can Bed Hi Can Bed Hi Can Hi Can Bed This hi tech and super cool bed is designed by the Italian designer Edoardo Carlino. The Hi-Can high fidelity canopy is an ultimate integration of technology and luxury, equipped with appliances of latest technology to surf the web, watch movies, play games, and listen to music all from the comfort of your bed. The bed has a projector, a sound system, a projection screen and a DVD player. In short it is an all in one, a comfortable and luxurious bed, with a home theater. Hi Can Bed was first presented at the Well Tech Village in Milan and Milan Design Week 2009. The bed has the Xbox 360 gaming console and inbuilt lightning and high fidelity sound system. This dream bed comes at a price of $59,000 plus.

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